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7 Tips to Pick a Family-Friendly Sofa


The choice of buying a sofa can change depending on whether you live alone, have a small family or a large family.

A loveseat or two-seater won’t be enough for your home. And that’s not the end. The sofa should be able to handle rough usage and a lot of other factors will come into play.

The biggest issues are kids and pets. Well, we absolutely adore them. But sofas don’t usually last longer in homes filled with kids and pets.

So, here are 7 tips that you can use to pick a family-friendly sofa!

1. Consider Average Proportion for Ideal Sitting

When you are buying a sofa for you alone, you can get a more customized fit. For example, if you are tall, you can look for high back sofas that have more depth. Whereas, shorter persons should buy sofas with less height and less depth.

When you are buying for the entire family, don’t just think about how you will sit. Think about your kids. Maybe you have a short spouse. So, it’s safe to buy an average proportioned sofa which can be easily bought by people of various height and boy structures.

What you might consider is the weight limit. Preferably, a higher weight limit will allow a wide variety of people to sit on it whether they are skinny, fat or oversized.

2. Look for Stain-Resistant and Kid-Friendly Fabric

The most popular choice for family sofas is leather. If you have the budget, go for a real leather. As these are more durable and will last four times longer than any other forms of upholstery.

However, keeping the cost in mind a faux or fake leather isn’t bad either. They offer almost similar experiences.

What’s great about leather, they won’t catch stains and you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth. With kids and pets at home always ready to spill something, this is your best option.

The second best option is a microfiber upholstered sofa. These sofas are water-resistant and will be a lot easier to maintain. However, avoid velvet fabric. These are great for aesthetics but won’t be able to tolerate dirt and spills.

3. Flippable Cushions Can Be a Life Saver

A sofa with detachable cushions are more suited for family use. Over the years, food pieces, dirt and dust can build up inside the back of the cushions. With detachable cushions, you can uproot them and make sure that the space is always clean.

If the cushions are flippable, then you can thank your lucky stars. Just when you think they are dirty or lost their shape, just flip them. In this way, your sofa will last longer and give you more value for the money you paid.

4. Go for an Oversized Sofa

Sofas come in various sizes from single loveseats to three seater and four seater. Even if your family has only 2-3 members, it’s always a good idea to go big.

You never know when guests arrive and you won’t have to run looking for extra chairs.

A large sofa will definitely cost more. But in the longer run, it will pay off. Moreover, when no one is sharing the sofa, you can lay flat on it and turn it into a temporary bed.

5. Make Your Space Functional With Sectional Sofas

Consider a sectional sofa for the whole family. These sofas usually come in L shape or U shape with two or more pieces that you can connect together.

You have the option to align them in different ways based on the design and size of your home. Some sectionals can accommodate as much as 8-10 people together. So, if you have a large family, it can help to gather everyone together.

The true advantage of sectionals is despite having higher sitting capacity, they won’t consume too much space. So, if you have a medium sized home with lots of family members, this should be ideal for you.

6. Cushions that hold shape longer

Ideally, you should be looking at fibre or feather filled sofas. However, these come at a price and can also be tough to maintain. You will need to frequently turn and plump them. So, this could call for extra work.

The best option for families is foam filled sofas. These are more affordable and don’t require that much maintenance. Foam sofas are more supportive and will maintain their shape over the years. Yes, they might be a bit stiff in the initial stage. But that’s what makes them durable and resistant to constant jumping and sitting.

7. Consider Dark Colored Fabric Over Lighter Ones

Most people love their sofa in the light or neutral color tone. But for family homes, these sofas can start to look scary and dirt after a few months. Kids and pets can really destroy the look of your sofa upholstery.

So, we recommend going with a slightly dark colored upholstery. So, whether someone drops a bit of sauce or cola on the sofa, it won’t show up that much.

Final Words..

A sofa can be one of the most important elements to creatively design your living room. Its style and design can make or break the decor of any space. However, for family homes, the style can be a bit compromised considering the other factors we mentioned. After all, you’ve got kids and pets who listen to none.

William Eames
William Eames, with a background in industrial design brings over 18 years of experience in design and architecture. He joined our editorial team in 2019, offering insights into design trends and architectural innovations. Before this, William ran his design studio and lectured at various universities. His hobbies include photography and sustainable gardening, reflecting his commitment to aesthetics and the environment.

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