A Guide to Safe Online Gambling


Gambling is one of the most popular hobbies of all time.

Around the world, 1.6 billion people gamble regularly, and 4.2 billion people gamble at least once every year. As you can see, it’s a big deal.

Of course, gambling online is a little different from gambling in person. Everything is done over the internet, instead – which means you need to be extra careful. After all, the internet is a huge place, so there’s nothing wrong with being precautious.

When you gamble online safely, it ensures:

  • Your personal details are kept private just like valuable rocks.
  • Your gambling funds can’t be stolen

So, what are the keys to safe online gambling?

This guide is going to run through everything you need to know regarding safety when gambling online. The advice within this guide is suitable for both gambling newbies and experts, so make sure to read carefully.

Also, only gamble online if you are above the legal age in your state!

Choose Officially Licensed Platforms

Whether you’re a fan of online casinos or sportsbooks, you need to choose officially licensed platforms. To find out whether a platform is officially licensed, the best thing to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for any gambling commission logo.

Also, don’t forget to check reviews, as this is also an excellent indicator of whether an online gambling platform can be trusted. You can find reviews on the casino websites themselves, or you can head to websites that are entirely dedicated to helping casino players keep updated on the best, newest, and safest casinos. For example, this list highlights the best online casinos for US players. They are all officially licensed and have good reviews, meaning you know that they’re safe and secure to use. These are most reliable because they won’t be biased in any way.

Make Sure Your Device Has Antivirus Installed

Nowadays, people can gamble on a variety of different devices, from computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Whichever device you choose, make sure it has some form of antivirus software installed. This will prevent any viruses from infecting your device and causing potential harm.

Always Choose Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are key when you create an online gambling account. They should include a mixture of:

  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters (such as $ and *)

With a strong password, it makes it very difficult for hackers to get into your account.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Next, turn on two-factor authentication.

Most major betting apps and online casinos come with this security option. Essentially, when you try to log into your account, you’ll have to verify your identity through a text message or email.

It’s a genius security method, as it makes life incredibly difficult for hackers due to the fact that they can’t gain access to your texts or emails.

For gambling fanatics, two-factor authentication is essential.

Don’t Leave Devices Unattended

Lastly, make sure to never leave your devices unattended.

For example, if you’re playing some online casino games in a big coffee shop, don’t walk away from your table with your account visibly open, as you never know who might try and do something to it.

Whenever you finish playing or gambling, make sure to safely log out of your account – simple.

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