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Are Wooden or Metal Gates Better?

Are Wooden or Metal Gates Better?

When selecting a gate or its material, it’s essential that we select the right one to keep our property safe. Security, privacy, and aesthetic look are key factors you must keep in mind when choosing the material for your gate.

The common question people have about double gate is whether they should choose a wooden or metal gate. At the same time, some people love the traditional look of wooden gates, while others like the durability and strength that metal gates provide.

So, it is up to you what your preferences are and which material you like the most for your gate. To decide this, we have provided some advantages and disadvantages for both wooden gates and metal gates.

Wooden Gate


Wooden Gate

Wooden gates are hugely used for making gates. Let us first look at some reasons why you can choose wood as a material for your gates:

  • If you have a traditional-style property, wooden gates will be the best option since it suits well with your garden and greenery.
  • Wooden gates have a solid panel design, which maximizes the level of privacy and security for your home.
  • These gates can be painted or stained as you like, giving it a unique look.
  • Timper is available easily and is cheap to source.
  • Timber has natural grains and can be worked on to get a great finish.



While there are many advantages of wooden gates, there are some cons, too. So it’s time for you to look at some of them and decide:

  • Like any natural material, wooden gates will perish with time if not maintained correctly.
  • Your gate might get an unpleasant look if not built properly since timber can warp, twist, and split.
  • Wood can also get infected by insects, so make sure that you are maintaining it well.
  • The security provided by wooden gates is minimal for forced entry by kicking or battering rams.
  • While they can be cheap to source, the tools and expertise needed can sometimes be costly.

Metal Gates


Metal Gates

Now, since we know both the pros and cons of wooden gates, it is not time to consider why you should choose metal gates.

  • They can be made to span wide for opening for homes that have double driveways.
  • Metal gates look the best for all properties, irrespective of whether it is modern or traditional.
  • They require very little maintenance and care. They are the best choice if you want a trouble-free operation for years.
  • They are quite strong and durable, resulting in a better privacy and security option.
  • Metal gates can withstand extreme weather conditions, thus making them very durable.
  • They are resistant to corrosion and rust since they can be painted occasionally. You can even get powder coating or spray paint done for its longevity.



Now that we know the pros of having a metal gate look at some reasons why you need to think again before getting one.

  • These gates are relatively more in weight than timber.
  • It needs more energy to produce these materials of gates.
  • They provide less privacy as compared to wooden gates.
  • If you live in a noisy place, then metal gates would be less of a help since opening and closing them can make a lot of noise.
  • Getting metal gates can come out to be more expensive than you think. It also depends on how many metal components you add to the gate.


Understanding the pros and cons of various materials paves the way for innovative entrance solutions. This knowledge simplifies the decision-making process, allowing you to choose the best option for your double-gate ideas based on your personal preferences.

For sure, the whole process can be overwhelming since both have unique benefits and respective drawbacks.

So, if you want something to secure your house well, metal gates are the best option. However, if you live in a busy neighborhood and need more privacy, go for a wooden gate. Choosing the right material carefully is essential since it is the main entrance to your house.

Give it some time, discuss it with your family, and choose what’s best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Eco-Friendly Options for Gates?

Yes, of course! If you are giving priority to the environmental factor, know that sustainably sourced wood for wooden gates and aluminum for metal gates are the best options to choose from.

Can I Install Decorative Elements on My Gate?

You can customize your gate according to your preferences with elements like motifs, scrollwork, and others. This will give your gate a unique look.

Can I Automate Both Wooden and Metal Gates?

Yes, automating gates is possible. They can be automated with gate openers and access control systems. All you need to ensure is that the gate’s material is perfect for automation.

Can I Make a Gate with Both Wood and Metal?

Yes, it is possible to get a gate made with a combination of wood and metal. You can get a metal gate with wooden inserts or a wooden frame with metal bars.

What are the Other Materials Available for Making Gates?

While wooden and metal gates are the options for your gates, others like composite, vinyl, aluminum, bamboo, and more are others you can choose from.

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