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What is Hog Fence?


What! Another day of a wild raccoon or any hogs entering your home and ruining your favorite couch or flower bed? That must feel so annoying and definitely troublesome.

No wonder you are looking for good fencing options. Well, we have a humble recommendation—the hog wire fences. And no, just because the name suggests ‘hog fence,’ it’s not just limited to use in pig farms.

Sturdy, sustainable, and secure! That’s hog wire fencing for you. And the best part about hog wire fencing is that it is the easiest fence to install yourself. If you are still putting your fencing options on the table, we suggest reading further and seeing why we root for hog wire fences so much.

All About Hog Wire Fencing

All About Hog Wire Fencing

A hog wire fence is basically an arrangement of galvanized steel rods welded together at intersections and secured by a wooden frame. These wire fences were originally used in farms to keep pigs in check but now work perfectly as an aesthetically structured safety installation.

The hog wires are one of the most secure and long-lasting fencing options owing to the use of galvanization of zinc on steel and highly durable wood features.

The average structure and height of hog wires is 4 ft., with narrow openings at the bottom and wider ones at the top. This ensures that your property stays protected from foreign invasion of any size, i.e., from small hogs to big wild animals.

How Much Does a Hog Wire Fence Cost?

Honestly, the costliness of a hog fence depends on what matters to you the most and what you are comparing it with. If you value security and durability, then a hog wire fence shouldn’t feel expensive to you. Similarly, if you want something that protects your home without hampering the aesthetics of your lawn, then hogwire works in that zone.

Also, if you compare a hog wire fence with chain link fences, then it’s definitely an expensive option. However, if you are comparing it with a cedar fence, then considering the pros and the cons, it is not at all expensive. Oh! And speaking of pros and cons, let’s talk about them.

Hog Wire Fence: Pros and Cons

So let’s make it simpler and quicker for you. How? With a list! Below are the top 3 reasons why hog wire fences are good.

  • Highly secure, with a view: One thing that many fence lovers prioritize is that they want the fence to protect their property, home, or farm but do not want to hamper the view in front or even the view of their stunning property from visitors. In that case, hog wire fences, being sturdy and low in height, serve the purpose.
  • Durable: that’s basically like a one-time investment. Hog wires, as mentioned above, are made of galvanized steel rods that make them weatherproof, while the wood ensures durability depending on the type of region you live in.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: that is definitely a big advantage as often homeowners with fences complain about their fences taking up a lot of investment in the form of time and money. Many times, fences get damaged, rusted, or come loose. But hog wire fences have none of those issues.

But the coin has another side, so let’s have a look at the few disadvantages of hog wire fences. The cons of hog wires are a personal choice, but they can definitely be deal breakers. For example, if you put fencing to separate indoors from the outdoors, i.e., to maintain privacy, then hog wire fences do not provide that.

Secondly, hog fences have slightly sharper edges and may require timely trimming. So make sure that if you cannot keep up with that kind of maintenance and still spend a lot of time near the fence, hog wires may not be for you. And finally, this disadvantage may surprise you, but hog wire fences prevent hogs and animals. It allows small pests and rodents through it.

So, if you don’t have regular pest maintenance at your home, then you may face slight trouble.

Final Thoughts

We understand that fencing becomes crucial when you are looking to live securely. But a fence must not be heavy on your budget, time, and aesthetics. Hands down, a hog wire fence is one such fencing option that caters to the best of your benefits. It’s durable and doesn’t require much maintenance, except, of course, the timely trimming. And it definitely saves your view.

So, when you are getting all your concerns solved, isn’t it just right to invest in a hog fence? But taking a step back here, we understand everyone has their own experiences and requirements with fences, which the last call definitely depends on.

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