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Will Chickens Fly Over a 4 Foot Fence?


Chickens are one of the most common animals that people keep in their homes.

The reason is that they occupy very little space and are reared in the backyard. The chickens are kept in coops, and the best chicken coop size is 10 inches wide and 10-13 inches high.

Moreover, they are quite beneficial for homeowners because of the eggs they provide, the source of meat, and they are known for being the best entertainers.

But the most difficult question that chicken owners wonder about is – ‘how to stop them from flying over the fence.’ This is exactly what we will be discussing and what can be the probable reasons why they are running away.

Can a Chicken Get Over a 4-Foot Fence?

Can a Chicken Get Over a 4-Foot Fence?

Yes, it is easy for chickens to fly over a 4-foot fence. It doesn’t matter if the fences are heavily built because of the swift and high leaps the chickens can take. Furthermore, a 4-foot fence is so low a height for fencing that even breeds like silkies and Orpingtons can jump over this easily. Bantmans and Araucanas are some chicken breeds for whom this 4-foot is nothing.

The aim of fencing is to keep the chickens inside the area and to stop them from escaping, so it is essential to know the right height of fencing. An ideal fence height for stopping chickens from flying over is 8 feet. Even though they are not good fliers, 4-foot height is nothing for them to stop.

Reasons for Chickens to Fly Over the Fence

As soon as hens develop their feathers, they start to take some flights. Moreover, if they sense some danger, they try to escape the place for safety. Listed below are some reasons that can lead to their flight:

1. Bullying

It is natural for chickens to fight, and if a particular chicken or a group[ is bullied by the rest of the hens, they will try to escape.

2. Entrance Of Predators

When predators like foxes, raccoons, coyotes, and others enter the chickens’ area, they are forced to fly and escape the situation.

3. Not Having Enough Space or Food

If your hens do not have enough space to move around, they will surely try to fly away. Additionally, not providing them with adequate food and water can also lead them to escape.

How to Prevent Chickens from Flying Over the Fence?

How to Prevent Chickens from Flying Over the Fence?

There are several ways in which you can stop your chickens from escaping their coops. Check them below:

1. Wing Clipping

Many people think that wing clipping is a cruel activity, but honestly, it helps in keeping the chickens secure. Timing the feathers prevents these chickens from flying and getting lost. If you are scared to do it yourself, you can contact a vet.

2. Installing Chicken Run Enclosure

You can give your chickens more freedom by getting a chicken-run coop enclosure for them. This will prevent them from escaping and allow them to get worms and insects by scratching the ground.

3. Providing an Abundance Of Food

You should be providing your chickens with an adequate amount of food so that they don’t have the urge to jump over the fences in search of food and water. Give them different types of food varieties like pellets, mash, and others. If you know that it won’t be possible for you to remember when to give them food, have your phone ready to track.

4. Keep Them Entertained

Keeping chickens entertained isn’t that hard a task. All you need to do is get the lettuce hanging so that they can keep jumping and try to pluck the leaves. You can even provide them with balls of different shapes that they are engaged in playing with.


So, it is quite clear that it is not that difficult to stop them from flying over the fence. The first thing you need to do is find out why they are trying to escape and resolve this issue.

Building a high fence, feeding them well, and keeping them entertained are a few things you can do.

It is true that chickens are complicated pets and have numerous demands, but their benefits are worth it, too.

You will also have to take care of them from jumping over the fences so that they do not get lost or killed by predators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chain Link Fence Good for Chickens?

This type of fencing is quite effective in keeping your chickens inside the fence. They can be built to a height from where it is impossible for the chickens to fly over and escape.

Can All Chickens Fly?

While all chickens have the capability to fly to an extent, some breeds of chicken are quite great flyers than others. It is not only about the breeds but also about the size of the chickens.

Is It Really Okay to Clip Chickens’ Wings?

Yes, it is absolutely fine. Clipping doesn’t hurt the chickens as long as it is done correctly. It is like cutting your hair or nails so these birds do not feel pain.

Can a Chicken Fly Over a 6-Foot Fence?

While most chicken breeds do not have issues flying over a 4-foot fence, it is not really possible for all breeds of chicken to fly over a 6-foot fence. Redcap, Hamburg, and Leghorn are some exceptions.

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