Bed Basics: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress


Let’s face it. You most likely are afraid to buy a new mattress. You would have to spend a considerable amount of money, you do not want to waste your time and you probably do not enjoy all those prodding sales talk most stores do.

To top it all, you do not want the feeling of not knowing what mattress you need to buy. No worries. This article could stand as your guide to your road to finding your perfect mattress. Let’s go!

Mattress Change Indicators

Mattress Age

Some people keep their beds for a long period of time. It is either you do not want to shell out money or you just have the ability to tolerate pain, allergies and the smell of your bed.

However, there are some who just do not have the idea when they need to change their mattresses. Well, one simple indicator is the mattress age.

Many of the best mattresses are manufactured by companies to last for about 10 years. Now, if your bed is already around 7 to 12 years then it means it has already reached its optimum lifespan. By this time you should start thinking of buying a new mattress.

Painful Awakening

If you are waking up with an aching neck or back, it could be due to a sagging mattress. Beds are usually flipped from time to time to avoid sagging. However, many sleepers are not able to do this because of other chores like feeding squirrels, cooking, full-time job, laundry, etc.

Instead they stay on their favorite side of the bed and create a body impression giving the mattress an unbalanced surface. The beds end up saggy, lumpy or with protruding coils which causes your body aches and pains.

Some Mattress Issues

You need to change your mattress if you are getting allergies due to accumulated bacteria, molds, bugs in your bed over the years. This may also be the most likely reason why your bed has a strange smell. It is time to replace your bed if there are health issues like weak immune system, obesity and snoring.

Types of Mattress

Now if you have decided to buy a new mattress you should know that there are basically 2 types of mattress that you can look into.

All Foam Mattresses

Like what its name says, these are beds that are composed of foams. They are typically cheaper and also lighter. Since they are easy to transport, bed-in-a-box deliveries have become very popular with manufacturers as well as with the customers. These are so popular that you will find them stuffed in the sofas that you got for your beautiful enclosed patio.

It works both ways, the companies are able to ship them easily and if there is a return after a trial period, it is also easier for them. On the other hand, the customers are able to get what they want fast and easy and it’s economical, too! For mattresses of all foam, you can see Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam, Latex Foam on them. Many love the contouring and comfortable feel that it gives the user.

Hybrid Mattress

Another Type is the Hybrid Mattress wherein unlike materials are combined. It could be a combination of foam and coils, or it could also be coils and gels or gels and foam or foam and air.

These types of beds have a wide range of sleep styles and health issues you could choose from. Remember to ask the company representative or sales person for the mattress that will suit your needs.

Mattress Matters

Before you commit to a new mattress, you must remember to also consider these things:


Buy a mattress that is within your means. Have a budget and stick to it. Since this would mean cashing out a considerable amount of money, make sure that it is the right pick. Ask for a Trial period so that you can be sure that it is a keeper.


Know the correct measurements before you buy. Do not rely on photos alone. Check the sizes online or look at the label to check if the specifications of the product is what you are looking for. Take note to also check the measurement of your mattress and compare it to the width and height of your doors and stairways, areas where the bed will have to pass. The mattress must be just the right size so that you can bring them up to your room.


You could never go wrong with a quality mattress. This means they are giving you a product with the best materials. And you can be guaranteed that it will last long.

Sleeping Style

There are mattresses that address different kinds of sleeping styles and you can find something that will fit you. There are beds for side sleepers, there are some who like soft beds while others want it a bit firmer. Many back sleepers prefer a bed that is firmer for more spinal and hip support while if the stomach sleeper weighs a bit lighter they may prefer a softer bed.


If it has been awhile since you bought your last mattress, buying a new one can really be an intimidating task. Even though searching the internet could be overwhelming, the key is to be open to the many mattresses and possibilities available online. You never know, you may even be pleasantly surprised to find a mattress that seemed to be made just for you!

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