Best Places to Raise a Family


If you have a family, you want the best for them. Among the many ‘perfect choices that you make for your family, choosing a safe, healthy, and home-like place is an important consideration as well.

Adjustments are unavoidable for adults. No matter how perfect everything seems, there will be times when you or your spouse and parents need to adjust as adults. However, with kids, adjustments feel tough. Kids are social; they observe, adapt, learn and grow in the environment they are living in. While you can choose to give a happy and positive environment inside the doors, that’s not enough. A big part of their growth and happiness depends on the outside.

So, you should consider choosing a hometown that helps your kids grow smart, wise, and happier while bringing well-being to the complete family.

Before you head towards moving your family to an alien land, discover the places ranked as the best in terms of affordability, healthcare, safety, employment, and education.

Here we have listed the top places that are the best suited to raising a family.

Top Places To Consider Moving To With Family


A little state in the northwestern US, Vermont has picturesque towns, a large tourist industry, and lots of ski trails. It’s a low-density date with a very low number of people living here.

Vermont is an affordable state in comparison to others in the US. However, real estate prices vary across the state.

In terms of education, the state ranks 15th in the country. South Burlington High School ranks 2nd in Vermont. You can find other high-ranking schools in nearby populated regions. The state stands 18th in healthcare, with 14 nonprofit hospitals and a wide network of healthcare systems distributed across the nation.

Families can enjoy numerous outdoor activities while living in Vermont. It has beautiful lakes like Lake Champlain and mountains like Dog Mountain and Dog Chapel, where you can enjoy with your family. The Maple Open House Weekends and the annual manual sugarhouses are two of the popular places among the kids.


Alabama is a state located in the Heart of Dixie and gives you many reasons to live here. The place enjoys great weather all year round. Its scenic beauty comprises green forest stretches and inland waterways.

The cost of living is quite lower than in other states in the region. It is also one of the cheapest states in the country. Alabama ranks above the national average in its higher education. It has many numbers of schools and universities that stand among the top nationally. The real estate market is booming with affordable housing options. So you can easily buy a home in Alabama based on your budget and needs.

Alabama has many beautiful places you can visit with your loved ones, even kids. The state has a wide variety of food to satiate your taste buds. Long evenings spent enjoying a rack of ribs, and a few local beers are just part of life here. And seafood is a specialty in Alabama.


A mighty state with the beaches of Cape Cod to the east and Berkshire Mountains to the west. The state ranks highest in offering a welcoming atmosphere for families. While it’s less affordable than other states, Massachusetts offers quality education and numerous historic points of interest.

People living in Massachusetts have access to the second-best public school system in the nation, world-class universities and hospitals, and a robust economy. The state also ranks No. 2 for health care.

Massachusett has plenty of things to keep people busy with – the Museum of Fine Arts, major league sporting events, and the New England Aquarium. Additionally, the beaches of Cape Cod and winter skiing in Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire are also preferred by families to enjoy during holidays or weekends.


If you prefer a place with beautiful outdoors and a suburban feel, Bozeman is for you. The town has a small population of nearly 50,000 and is very safe. Moving to this place with your family will be the right decision as the community is quite sociable and friendly. You’ll be able to get to know your community and your neighbors in Bozeman.

Bozeman town is in close proximity to Yellowstone National Park. It’s also home to countless outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, fishing, and whitewater rafting which keeps families busy on school breaks and weekends.

Along with the mesmerizing outdoor scenery, the town is also described as the land of a well-educated, tech-savvy, and economically thriving community. This is because the town is home to Montana State University. So, you can expect a great education for your kids if you decide to live here.


Well, looking at each of these places can seem great, but you should base your decision on your individual needs. Including emotional factors in your search is crucial. For example, you might want to move to a place with an industry that excites you. So decide accordingly.

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