Chainsaw Chain Guide – How to Pick the Right One

Chainsaw Chain Guide

You might be aware of the chainsaw’s chain and how things get worse if the chain is dull and is not working as expected. Professionals always suggest keeping the chain sharp and clean it after every use. In replacing your chain saw, reading the 10 Best Chainsaw Chains [ 2022 Reviews ] – BestOfMachinery is a great reference.

This is the only way to maintain the chain sharp but just like any serviceable part, it also eventually needs replacement. However, the replacement of this chain is a hideous and tedious task to perform as it is quite daunting. But it is the only way to maintain the chainsaw and hence, we often replace it once it needs replacement.

Chain Key Measurements

There are some vital key principles for managing chain measurements and so, in this article, we will be discussing all those chain measurements to ensure that we can measure the chain in the right way.


The first thing that is needed is a tape measurement. It is quite a difficult task and hence to get the correct output, we will count 3 rivets on the chain and measure the distance between them by taking one end at the center. Now the next thing is to divide the output by half to get the actual size.


The Chain gauge is also measured in inches that describe the thickness of the drive links. It is difficult to measure with the tape length and for this, you might need a Vernier caliper to get the accurate measurement. Gauge measurement is too important and if you pick the wrong size, then it could be too thick to fit properly into your chainsaw that might cause a problem. So, you need to find the correct size to make it work for the chainsaw.

Drive Links

Drive link is the most important part of the whole measurement process. To get the right size chain, you need the right drive links. You need to place a strip of tape at the first link and then move the way around. You will be needed to count the drive links to get the chain size correct for the chainsaw.

How to Choose the Right Size?

What Size chainsaw do you need? Once you have made up your mind to get the chainsaw chain then you need to know about the exact things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the chainsaw. Now, this process has been made easy by the manufacturers as now the length is printed on one side of the blade.

Before buying a chainsaw, you must look for these details, otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong size, and then you will not be able to do your work with that chainsaw. So, it is recommended that you should figure out all the details that are required and then only go shopping.

How to Choose the Right Size Chainsaw

Where to Look for Chain Measurements?

Well, now this task has been made easy by the manufacturers because now the length is printed at an end of one side only, so you do not need to hunt for the right measurements and sizes.

However, you will still need to figure out the right measurements according to the usage of the chainsaw that you are thinking to purchase. The most important thing about a chainsaw is the right size of the chainsaw chain and chainsaw cutting bar. If these two things are correct, then the chainsaw is right for you.

Chain Arrangement

Now, if you have purchased the chainsaw then you will need to arrange the chain so that you can make it work. The first and foremost thing is to maintain the full complement chains or the standard chains. These are designed in such a way that they provide smooth and fast chain arrangements. These can fir on the short and medium chainsaw and hence, this will be required to set up the chainsaw.

Full Skip Chains

The next thing that we will discuss is the Full Skip Chains that are ideal for a long period. They are mainly required as they are strong enough to cut the woods or trees and therefore, they are often needed for the arrangement of the chainsaw.

Full Skip Chains

What type of Chainsaw Chain is required?

Well, this depends on the usage of the chainsaw that you are purchasing. In most cases, the chainsaw chain is needed should be strong and sharp enough to provide and smooth and fast pruning and cutting.

Therefore, the most important parts of the chainsaw are the chainsaw chain and the cutting bar. If these two parts are strong enough then only the chainsaw will be perfect for actual use.

So, overall, the main thing that you need to focus on is the cutting bar and the chain and fix them properly so that the chainsaw could be used properly.

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What Size Chainsaw Bar Do You Need?

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