What Size Chainsaw Bar Do You Need?

What Size Chainsaw Bar Do You Need

Chainsaws are such tools that everyone needs in their home so that they can cut the dead branches, leaves, and prune accordingly on their own. Every gardener also has this highly versatile tool to maintain their garden.

The biggest question that arises here is the right size chainsaw that is needed. This is because the chainsaws are available in different sizes, and one must pick the right size according to their use.

How Do You Measure the Size of a Chainsaw?

As you might be aware of the different sizes and uses of chainsaws, let us discuss how we can measure the size of a chainsaw so that to purchase the right one, we could figure the size on our own.

A chainsaw is a highly versatile tool that has a cutting bar attached to it that helps in cutting and pruning the trees. It is not too easy to determine the size. One must measure the size of the cutting bar to predict the right size of the chainsaw. So, what size chainsaw do you need?

One of the best ways to measure the size of a chainsaw is to measure the length of the cutting bar. The cutting bar that is attached to the chainsaw is the most important part of the chainsaw and it is responsible for every purpose that the chainsaw serves. It is measured from the tip of the chainsaw to the other end. Another good point is that the chainsaw bars are not permanently fixed and can be adjusted accordingly.

The chainsaw cutting bars are not too long or too short and hence it is quite difficult to predict the actual size that is required for our use. The usage of chainsaws varies from commercial purposes to personal usage as well.

So, if one is looking to buy the chainsaw for personal usage only then the cutting bar can be short but if you are looking to use it for commercial purposes then you should prefer the long cutting bar.

Why Not Pick the Biggest One?

Why Not Pick the Biggest One

Well, that should be the case only when you are looking to use the chainsaw for commercial usage as well. If you are only buying the tool for personal usage like gardening, pruning, cutting dead branches and leaves then you do not require a long cutting bar. The shortcutting bar chainsaw is more than sufficient for your usage. Therefore, it is recommended that one should go for a short one if the user is not commercial.

Pruning Limbs – Required Size

For Pruning, the correct size that is required for this task is around 6 to 8 inches. This is because, the pruning method does not require an effective and powerful cutting bar and so, a 6 or 8inches cutting bar could do the job. However, if the branches are a little thicker then you can switch to 8-9 inches cutting bar.

Removing Branches – Required Size

Next comes the most important job that is cutting the branches. This requires a slight long cutting bar because the branches are somewhat thick, and therefore it requires a sharp and long cutting bar. We require a long cutting bar so that we can do it quickly and without much hassle.

Splitting Firewood

Splitting logs into firewood is a hideous task and therefore it requires a long cutting bar to cut them into firewood. The logs are too heavy and too large and broad, and therefore they need a strong and powerful mechanism through which you can quickly cut the logs into firewood. It is a hassle-free task if you do it correctly otherwise, you will face much trouble.

What to Do if Size of Cutting Bar is Too Long?

What to Do if Size of Cutting Bar is Too Long

Though it seems the best solution to buy a long cutting bar as they fulfill every need you might have. However, this is not always the case as even a long cutting bar chainsaw can create problems when you will be using it for personal usage as they are not built for this purpose. They are mainly built for commercial usage only.

If you have somehow got a long bar that is not required, you can try to adjust the size of the cutting bar within the chainsaw itself.

Type of Chainsaw required for Personal Usage.

There are various types of chainsaws that are available in the market for different purposes and to pick the right one, you must be aware of the type of task that you are going to perform with the help of a chainsaw.

If the tasks are simple like pruning, cutting light branches then you should go for 6-8 inches bar but if you are looking for commercial usage then the best size will be 15-16 inches.

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