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Some Gorgeous and Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Tyres

Some Gorgeous and Creative Ways to Repurpose and Reuse Your Old Tyres

We all are human beings, and one thing that separates us from all other creatures on earth and makes us unique is thinking.

As humans, we have evolved a lot, and our brains have also gone through many changes as we have changed ourselves accordingly.

Different situations put us in different conditions, which sometimes be more comfortable to come out, while sometimes, it is hard to pull off.

Our earth is going through the same situation. We have damaged it so extra that it is tough to give nature its aged appearance and look.

Waste is the major problem related to earth, and we give it. There are many ways to reduce waste, but the most effective and easy is to reuse things.

There are many things you can reuse, and some are there as which cannot be reused. We will not list them all and tell you about what is recyclable and what is not.

But we will be giving you some of the creative uses for old tyres.

In this article, we have gathered some ideas that you can apply for old tyres, and we have also provided some of the gorgeous uses for old tyres.

1. Swings from Old Tyres

Swings from Old Tyres

One of the most obvious ways in uses old tyres is swing. Most of us know about this, and most of us even have one in their backyard, garden, or any other place of their will. But, what so creative about it? Why is it mentioned here where we are talking about some gorgeous and creative ideas?

Well, a swing seems so simple, but it is still not a cup of cake. If you have tried to build a swing from an old tyre, you may have gone through some problems. Therefore, this is not as simple as it seems. You will need some guidance in installing it, and if you are a beginner, you need a helping Hand in making a properly installed swing made by an old tyre.

Talking about creativity, then it depends on the person and varies person by person. Therefore, it comes on to you how you are going to go extra with it. You can color the tyres, change the shape of tyre by cutting or by joining it with some different shapes to give your swing a different appearance, you can vertically hang the tyres to make your swing a bit different from the usual ones. You can do a lot of other things as well and give your swing your touch.

2. Uses of Old Tyres in Garden

Uses of Old Tyres in Garden

A tyre may not look adorable to some, but to those who love DIY or have some excellent instinct regarding arts and crafts, it is a precious recyclable material. It can be used for so many things that a single article will not be enough to cover all of them. But we can know about a few of them, especially those that are quite popular and have a better appearance.

The use of old tires in the garden is not new. People have used it for a long time. This is due to its ability to hold sand either placed horizontally or vertically. You can fix it lying down on the ground or can hang them and then out the sand in it with some seeds of the shrubs you want to grow with some water and manure, and then you are ready to go.

Go more artistic with these by giving your old tires different appearance and looks. You can color it differently by giving them different textures and can make it more adorable by providing ornaments, either artificial or made on your own.

3. Flower Bed

Flower Bed

Let me ask you a question and answer it honestly, have you ever imagined a half-cut tyre when discussing creative uses of old tyres? We can bet that majority of the people would not have thought of that for sure. But here is the truth. You can use half sliced tyres as well.

This flower bed made up half sliced old tyres looks adorable and as well. What makes it catchier is the color scheme of the tyres and the pattern of arrangement. It is arranged as a flower with old yellow tyres situated in the middle. This flower bed will not look as elegant when fully covered with a flower as it would look with spaces in between the flowers.

To make it more diverse, use different kinds of flowers in front of different tyres, and for the middle, you can use bright colored flowers as it must look different to give the center a different texture from its surroundings.

4. Rustic Jute Table

Rustic Jute Table

After the swings, if there is anything which has been the best use of old tyre then it is tables. Yes, an old tyre wrapped with jute thread to look like a rustic table is all you need if you are fond of rustic items.

You can cover it with different layers, patterns, and different colors as well. If you are not fond of rustic look, you can bright up your this use of old tyre by using different color textures, and with the help of colors and fabrics, you can give it a bright and chic look.

This will not be a cheaper option like others, but when spending money on it, make sure you spend it the right way so that it worth its price. Do not just do it anyway. Instead, do this systematically and ordered to reduce the chances of error and get satisfactory results.

5. Pet Beds

Pet Beds

Pets love to get inside something comfortable and sit there, hiding from everyone. This use of an old tyre is going to be a perfect choice for a pet lover. Take a giant old tyre and wash it first before doing anything with it. Once it is dry, you can put a primer or just paint on it of your choice to color it so that it does not look odd in your house.

Once done coloring, you can put it desired place where your pets usually rest. Now, put some comfy fabrics inside of it with a pillow to increase the comfort. Remember, cover the inside corners of tyres as it may hurt your pets while sitting on it.

One thing you should know that tyres are not edible neither safe when eaten. Therefore, if your pets bite a lot on your stuff, avoid this; otherwise, you can put some safer paints on tires so that your pets bite on it do not get harm from it.

6. Tyre Ottoman

Tyre Ottoman

If you would ask someone about a gorgeous but straightforward use of old tires, we can get the ottoman in answer. It is one of the coziest things to sit in, and in addition to comfort, it can also store things in it for you.

It will look gorgeous with any table or sofa. What you must do is to match its fabric with the ones with whom you are placing it. It will take time to be made and will require efforts as well. If you are a beginner, you should avoid this as there are many chances of error.

It must be jointed we will from both the inside and outside by the required fabric. It must be hollow from the inside, and its curved space should be covered with fabric to give it a straight cylindrical appearance. Once done fabricating from both inside and outside, it is time to make the top of it. After completing the top, you are ready to go.

7. Use of Old Tyres as Chairs

Use of Old Tyres as Chairs

There are a lot of options available when looking for a chair. Perfect use of old tyres is here. Through a tire, you can make many types of chairs for yourself. Simple round bottom chair, chair with back support, armchair, sofa chair, and many more. You can use your creativity as well to invent some new and gorgeous design for your chair.

This work will require some extra tools and materials as well. Therefore, be ready to spend some money and lighten up your wallet. In this picture, you will see different types of chairs you can from an old tyre.

So, it will not be hard if you are thinking about what type of chair you should make. These ideas will also help you build your own as these designs can inspire you, and who knows, you may come up with your idea.

Ensure that the chairs you are going to make fit in your house or in that place where you want to place it. It should not look old; therefore, wash it first and clean it well.

You can color it as well, and we would recommend you to color it first before putting it into your house. A black chair may look okay on the outside, but coloring it would be a better option if you will use it indoors.


There are tons of options available on the internet to choose from. We have given you a wise option which will comprise all those options you would come across while looking for the use of old tires.

So, rather than spending your precious time looking here and there, give yourself some time and select the one from here.

Recycling things and reusing them often cost money, but we can do it for sure t for the sake of our mother nature, and we should do it without any hesitation.

Our earth has given us priceless things, and when it needs us, we should help it flourish again. Therefore, recycle and reuse as many items as you can.

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