Double the Fun: How to Make Water Balloon Pinatas

How to Make Water Balloon Pinatas

How many water balloons are you willing to sacrifice for a fun and memorable party? One hundred? Ten thousand? Okay, maybe not that much. But with this tutorial on how to make water balloon pinatas, you can double the fun without doubling your investment in water balloons.

Pinatas are a great way to celebrate any occasion with friends and family, but they are even more fun when you take them out of water balloons. Join us as we show you the step-by-step process of creating these wacky decorations before your next pool party!

What is a Water Balloon Pinata?

A water balloon pinata is a large, hollow container filled with water balloons. The goal of the game is to whack (or pop) open the pinatas and collect as many water balloons scattered inside as possible before they float away!

What Do You Need?

  1. A large, sturdy container (cardboard box or plastic storage tub)
  2. Duct tape
  3. String and weight (optional)

Step By Step Instructions for Making Water Balloon Pinatas

  • Cut the top off your container and place duct tape around the edges to reinforce.
  • Fill with water balloons (HINT: Put a large plate or bowl inside as you fill it so that they do not roll out)
  • Close up the container by taping together each side, then tie a string across one end, and attach a weight (or smaller container filled with water) to the end of it.
  • The pinata should be stable enough that when you swing at it, the string will wrap around one side or another so that your swinging motion is transferred into breaking open all the balloons inside!

Tips On How to Make the Perfect Water Balloon Pinata

Fun Facts about Pinatas

  • Use cardboard boxes with a lid to make a pinata that is more resistant.
  • If you use an old plastic storage container for the base, cut off one end so it can be filled without spilling over the sides and then taped securely shut. Fill your water balloons in the top opening of this container before taping closed!
  • Add a handle to make it easier for kids to hold on and swing without getting their hands wet
  • Use lighter or long-handled matches to burn off the end instead of cutting it. This will produce less smoke and may be easier for kids if they are not adept at using scissors yet!
  • Use duct tape around the edge of your container to reinforce, or use scrapbook paper

Ideas For Filling Your Water Balloon Pinata with Prizes

Add a candy cane to the top of your pinata and give out prizes for successfully breaking it open (candy, toys, trinkets). Have a contest to see who can get the most water balloons out of your pinata in one minute!

Instructions For Hanging Your Completed Water Balloon Pinata from The Ceiling or Tree Branch

  • Hang the water balloon pinata from a tree branch or ceiling using fishing line, sturdy string, clothesline, twine, or zip ties
  • Attach one end of your string to an eyebolt that you can loop over and secure tightly with screws or nails. Drive-in two more eye bolts into each side about 18 inches down from the top of the string. Loop your fishing line over one side and back under itself, then bring it around to the opposite eye bolt
  • Simply tie together a loop at each end of your string with a knot or bow, hang from either eyebolt so that enough slack is created for people to get underneath without hitting their head on anything, and enjoy!
  • To hang from a tree branch, use string or zip ties to wrap around the trunk at least three times
  • If your water balloon drop games pinata is very heavy (or you are using an old plastic container for the base), add another row of eye bolts so that there are six total. This will create two extra loops, and it will be much more stable!

Fun Facts about Pinatas!

Water Balloon Pinatas

Did you know that the word “pinata” is derived from a Latin American Spanish slang term for an effigy of a person? The pinata tradition, which originated in Spain, involves swinging at the pinata until it breaks and releases all its goodies. Pinatas were introduced to Mexico by Franciscan friars who witnessed the Spanish tradition in the 16th century.

In addition, pinatas are usually hung from a tree or pole and can be filled with candy, fruit, small toys, and other goodies. In fact, the tradition of filling them with treats is said to originate in Spain when sweets were scarce for young children during Lent! Originally, they had clay faces, but over time, those have evolved into more decorative versions of any shape.

Water Balloon Pinata Party Games!

  1. Have a “Pinata Speed Contest” to see how quickly you can break open your pinata!
  2. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  3. Hold an obstacle course and use water balloon pinatas as obstacles (think of things like “kick over a blue bin,” “swing from one side then jump up and touch the top of the pinata,” “jump over a line of three water balloons pinatas while holding your breath for as long as you can”)
  4. Set up an obstacle course with a row of six or more water balloon pinatas arranged in front. You must break them open using only one hand (and feet, if you are so inclined)
  5. Play balloon basketball with the leftover water balloons


Phew! That was a lot to cover, but hopefully, this has whetted your appetite for all the fun that comes with making water balloon pinatas.

If so, please share it with your friends and family or leave us a comment below! Remember – do not forget the sunscreen!

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