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Are you planning to hang picture frames, construct a new bookshelf, or do any other DIY project and you are the kind of person who cares much about precision? DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level Outdoor is here to help you have your project done in the right way. DOVOH brand specializes in manufacturing self-leveling lasers level and they have been in the market for more than 20 years. The brand has well well-experienced team of engineers who ensure that they create more accurate, with more brightness, and durable laser levels. Above all, the DOVOH brand replaces or repairs the laser levels having accuracy problems created by normal use within 5 years.

What’s a Laser Level?

This is a handy tool meant to offer accurate alignment and leveling in different renovation and construction projects. Moreover, this tool makes use of laser technology to project several laser lines simultaneously in vertical and horizontal planes. This creates a 360-degree reference point for accurate measurements. Moreover, with a 3D level, you’ll easily get plumb points, level lines, and right angles.

DOVOH High Visibility Level Outdoor Review

The DOVOH H3-360G is a high-visibility level for both indoor and outdoor use. This makes it a significant tool for DIY home improvement projects or construction tasks. Moreover, this is a heavy-duty 3D self-leveling level with 360-degree self-leveling features. This makes it perfect for tiling, framing, and carrying out other tasks that need a lot of precision. DOVOH H3-360G offers up to 12-line green beam with the help of 110mw diodes ensuring visibility. You can use the green beam to up to 197ft long-range, making it suitable for outdoor.

This device is made with a high-quality plastic case and covered with an aluminum alloy making it durable. The strong hard shell is rated IP54 hence protecting the device from damage from water or dust prolonging its life. The edges of this tool are surrounded by rubber which acts as shock absorbers preventing damage from falls. In addition, its protective cover is thin making it perfect for tiling ceilings or walls. DOVOH H3-360G adopts an improved pendulum system which ensures it’s consistent in durability and high accuracy.

Why Do You Need DOVOH H3-360G?

Investing in DOVOH H3-360G 3D is beneficial to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in several ways including:

Ease of Use

DOVOH H3-360G is designed with a user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible for both beginners and professionals.

Time and Energy-Saving

DOVOH H3-360G 3D helps save valuable time by generating level lines plus reference points very fast. With this device, no need for plumb bobs or traditional bubble levels.

Improved Safety

With DOVOH H3-360G, you’ll have no errors and this gives an assurance of your project stability preventing accidents and possible damage brought by misalignments.

Improved Precision

DOVOH H3-360G offers consistent accuracy leveling for different tasks including installation of tiles, shelves, cabinets, or when hanging pictures.


With a 360-degree projection, this tool always ensures an accurate alignment on floors, walls, ceilings, and outdoors.

How to Use a DOVOH H3-360G

This is a handy tool that simplifies alignment and leveling tasks. A 3D level gives a full circle of laser projection with a comprehensive coverage making it suitable for use on a construction site, DIY home improvement projects, and every other task that requires maximum accuracy. Let’s look at a step-by-step process on how to use a 360-degree DOVOH H3-360G efficiently and effectively.

Choosing the Right Laser Level

You need to buy a level tool with features that suit your specific requirements. When buying, you need to check on some features including accuracy, working range, self-leveling feature, and other features to help in outdoor use like pulse mode. DOVOH H3-360G is one of the best tools with several features to help in any leveling and alignment task. We will use DOVOH H3-360G to explain how to use a laser level.

What’s Included in DOVOH H3-360G Laser Level Package

  • A magnetic bracket
  • H3-360G laser level
  • A user manual
  • A pair of enhanced glasses
  • Hard toolbox
  • Green target plate
  • Battery charger
  • Adapter
  • Type C cable
  • 7.4V 2600mAh Li-ion batteries (2)

Mounting DOVOH H3-360G Laser Level

Place this tool on a level and stable surface for added stability. Since it doesn’t come with a tripod stand (1/4″ or 5/8″), you can purchase it separately. Furthermore, H3-360G features a multipurpose magnetic bracket that allows the laser level to be attached to a metal surface, placed on a flat board, or hung on a nail.

Choosing Working Mode

This device can operate in two modes. This includes manual mode and self-leveling mode. To switch on the laser, you need to slide the pendulum to an unlocked state and the laser will operate in a self-leveling state. After that, the tool will auto-level within 4 degrees of the leveling angle. It will give a signal when it’s out of 4 degrees of the leveling angle.

To operate in manual mode, you need to long press its power button and keep the pendulum locked. When in this mode, you can lock a line at any preferred angle.

Switch Vertical or Horizontal Laser Line

DOVOH H3-360G is a 3-plane laser level. With two vertical laser lines and one horizontal laser line. You need to press the “V” or “H” button to choose the vertical or horizontal laser. Moreover, the magnetic bracket helps you to change the laser level down up, or at 360 degrees. This will help you project the line to align objects comfortably.

Plumb Spot Feature

DOVOH H3-360G also has a Plumb spot feature. This will allow the level to operate on self-leveling mode and be able to switch on all the two vertical laser lines to get two cross points one at the ceiling and the other on the floor. The two cross points are at right angles hence they can be utilized as plumb spots.

How Can I Ensure the Accuracy of my DOVOH H3-360G 3D laser level?

For accuracy, you need to calibrate your DOVOH H3-360G 3D before use. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully and make adjustments if necessary for perfect outdoor use.


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