What Are Self Sealing Water Balloons

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Self-sealing water balloons are a type of balloon that automatically seals itself when filled. They are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They are eco-friendly and easy to use. You do not have to get your elbow greased by filling the balloons individually. The best thing about the balloons is they will seal themselves, saving you the effort of tying them.

They can be filled and used on the go. They come in different shapes, colors, and materials, including rubber, latex, and plastic. You can fill them with a water tap or water bottle. All you have to do is open the pack and use the holes to fill in the water.

Self-sealing water balloons are a great pick for people of all ages. Just fill in some water and have fun. The purpose of the article is to delve into the functionalities and various uses of self-sealing water balloons.

Self-Sealing Water Balloons

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Self-sealing water balloons are all yours if you love playing with water balloons but hate the process of filling the water and tying them. As the name suggests, they seal themselves when filled with water. A capsule-like thing in the balloon automatically comes up when filled with water and seals the opening, retaining the water.

How to Use Self-Sealing Water Balloons?

Follow the steps carefully to use self-sealing water balloons effectively:

  • Step 1 – Buy a self-sealing water balloon. Open the pack and take the balloons attached to multiple straws that are attached to an outlet.
  • Step 2 – Check whether all the balloons are intact with the straws. Take the balloons and fill them with a pipe or a water bottle. Better keep them in a bucket while filling to store them safely.
  • Step 3 – Keep the pipe open, and do not worry about the right amount of water. Once the water reaches a limit, the balloon will automatically be discarded and sealed.
  • Step 4 – Now, you can bombard your friends or family with water balloons.

Games and Fun Activities to Do with Water Balloons

They are likely playing with self-sealing water balloons.

When boredom strikes, you want to have quality time with your friends or family, or when it is scorching outside, self-sealing water balloons are the best ones to go for. They are fun, harmless, and probably the best way to spend your time. Here’s a list of games and fun activities to do with self-sealing water balloons:

    • Water balloon dodgeball – Play a traditional game of dodgeball, and use the self-sealing water balloons instead of throwing standard rubber balls. Here, use your hand as a water balloon cannon. If the water ball hits a player, he is out of the game.
    • Water balloon pinata – Tie the self-sealing water balloon to a high point, like a tree, then tie your friend’s eyes with a cloth, hand them a stick, and ask them to hit the water balloon.
    • Water balloon relay race – Play a relay race with your friends. Hand everyone a spoon and instruct them to cross the relay path with a balloon on a spoon in their mouth; the ones who drop the balloon will be out of the game.
    • Water balloon freeze tag – Play water balloon freeze tag with your friends. When a player is tagged, he cannot move and can unfreeze only when someone throws a balloon at them.
    • Water balloon painting – Fill the self-sealing water balloons with colored water and throw the balloons on a canvas to create unique and colorful paintings.
    • Water balloon baseball – Use a plastic ball or a baseball bat to hit the water balloon pitched by your friends; every time you hit the balloon, you earn a point. When you miss a pitch, you are out of the game.
    • Water balloon hot potato – Play music and sit in a circle. As the music plays, pass the balloons; when the music stops, the person holding the balloon has to pop it over their head.
    • Water balloon target practice – Stack up targets in front of you at a distance. Take turns in hitting the target with the water balloons. Every hit earns you a point. The person with the highest score will be the winner.
    • Water balloon battle – Divide into teams and play a water balloon battle. Use the water balloons as your ammunition.
    • Water balloon obstacle course – Set up an obstacle course and ask your friends to pass the obstacle course with a water balloon in their hand. The one who passes the course with the balloon in hand will be the winner.

Let’s Do a Recap!

One of the commonly asked questions is, Can I fill the water balloon the day before? Well, the answer is NO. Self-sealing water balloons tend to lose water at a slower pace. If you are planning to let it sit for a night, you will be left with disappointment in the morning. As the name implies, they self-seal but when left alone for some time. They tend to lose water.

We have touched upon what self-sealing balloons are, how to use them, and some fun activities to do with self-sealing water balloons. They can be the best way to spend time with your friends and family.

Then, why wait? Get yourself a pack of self-sealing water balloons. Be mindful of your surroundings, and clean your space after you play with the balloons.

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