Greentube social casino gained record user numbers


A few months after its launch, the social casino platform “Greentube Pro 2.0” has already produced record numbers. Moreover, as the Novomatic subsidiary announced yesterday in a press release, the key performance indicators (KPIs) of its B2C platform had far surpassed those of other social casinos.

The average income per daily active user= is about 95% higher than other market leaders in the Australian social establishments segment. The conversion rate, i.e. the proportion of visitors who make purchases on the website, is 35 % higher than the competition. In addition, the customer retention rate after 30 days exceeds that of the other platforms by 30%. So join the crowd by opening your account at a fair online casino au.

Social casinos are characterised by casino games such as slots or poker that are not playing with real money. Instead, the platform provides virtual currency. As a rule, the number of virtual coins is limited. However, users can earn new coins or buy them with real money but it will be like looking for rocks worth money. Real money payments can also unlock other features. This is how the social casino operator generates revenue.

Greentube had launched its GTP 2.0 platform in March 2021. The first Greentube customer to take advantage of the latest software solution was Australian gaming company Star Entertainment Group. According to the press release published at the time, by the end of the third quarter of 2021, the other customers should also switch over.

First success targets achieved

As Greentube explains, the new version has improved the user interface for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The focus was also on more flexibility and customisability. Revised social casino should be more attractive, especially for customers of land-based gambling-establishments.

From a business perspective, the plan was to get players to make more real-money payments and to bind them to the platform in the long term.

GTP 2.0 initially launched in March with 183 game titles from five different developers. As Greentube explains, the range of games is to be steadily expanded. The company is confident that it will become the worldwide market leader.

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