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How Life on the go is made easier with drawstring bags?


We all know the environmental hazards of using plastics. Plastic bags that are mostly just used once and then thrown away which gets to the drainage system through our amerimax gutter pose a special threat to nature. Reusable bags are better for the environment as they are less wasteful and much more utilitarian, and are a sustainable choice over plastic bags. Carrying your own reusable cloth or canvas bags when you go to the store has become quite popular but it is an obvious choice. Reusable bags, especially drawstring bags, have many other utilities in addition to being used as a shopping bag.

Here are some ways you can make use of cool drawstring bags.

Use it to carry a backup outfit. You never realize the importance of clean clothes until you’ve been subjected to some sort of fluke accident… think spilled coffee on the way to a job interview, being caught in an unexpected rain shower, having your sandals break, being barfed on by a fellow commuter with motion sickness, or a drunk friend. Imagine having accidentally stepped in a muddy puddle and then having to remain in those wet shoes all day. Keep an extra set of clothes in a drawstring bag and stash it in your car, locker, or workplace, so you are prepared for any contingency.

Take it to the Gym. The free form shape of a drawstring bag makes it an excellent holdall that is easily stuffed into lockers or stashed under desks. Toss your gym essentials like a change of shoes, socks and workout gear into a drawstring bag and you won’t have an excuse to hit the gym on your way home after an otherwise busy day.

Take them travelling. Drawstring bags are especially useful when you are travelling. Use several smaller drawstrings to pack outfits separately. That way you won’t have to rummage through your suitcase messing everything up every time to get the things you need to put together a look. A smaller drawstring bag can also hold all your toiletries and travel essentials for your trip. Additionally, you can pack a drawstring back to hold all your dirty laundry so they don’t mix with the clean ones in your suitcase. Having a laundry bag also makes unpacking so much easier on your return, as you won’t have to sniff through all your clothes to way when you come back. You can simply dump the bag of dirty clothes (along with the drawstring bag) directly in to the washing machine.

Hang one in your car to collect trash. If you are sick of the litter that keeps accumulating in the back seat of your car… think soda cans, empty chips packets, scrap papered it… hang a drawstring bag on the back of the passenger seat. The strings make it super convenient to suspend the bag from the headrest. Et viola, not only did you just save in any litterbug fines, you saved on the cost of having your car cleaned, not to mention the good impression the pristine interior of your car will make on the ladies (or the gents, we’re not picky).

Take it Shopping. Instead of having the sales clerk put your purchases in a disposable plastic at the counter, bring out your folded drawstring bag and have our purchases place in it. Not only are drawstring bags stronger than plastic bags, the fact that their tops can be pulled shut protects your loot from falling out of the bag. They can work like a backpack and slung over your shoulders, keeping your hands free for other stuff. Plus, their durability allows them to hold more weight than a plastic bag would.

Take one EVERYWHERE: Drawstring bags are great carryalls and can be adapted for use in almost every situation. Here are a few more ideas…

  • If you don’t have a whole load of books to carry, you can ditch heavy and cumbersome backpacks for a lighter alternative to carry to school.
  • If you like to cycle, a drawstring bag lets you carry what you need to, leaving your hands free to control your bike.
  • Staying at your friends overnight, a drawstring bag can carry your stuff like ultimate frisbee discs and other small playable.
  • Impromptu Picnic? Stash snacks in a bag, use it to collect empty packets later.

The best thing about reusable bags is that you can customize them and give each one your own unique style.

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