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How to Change Blades on a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

How to Change Blades on a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Most people have a big lawn in front of their house, and handling a big lawn is a very tough task. You must take all the responsibility to maintain its beauty. Otherwise, it will look like a forest.

For this task, Lawnmowers come into action and are responsible for maintaining the lawn’s beauty. Zero-Turn Mowers are considered best by most people and are very easy and flexible to use.

In this guide, we will discuss how to change the blades on a top Zero-Turn Mower in detail. So, if you are willing to change the blades of your Lawnmower then, this guide will be helpful for you.

What is a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

What is a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers are considered one of the best entry-level lawn mowers because it is very easy and flexible to use. They consist of rear-wheel drives and can be controlled by the operator.

There are different levels of Top Zero-turn Lawn Mowers; these levels will help you to determine the power and features as well as the price of the machine.

The Main Four Types of Zero-turn Mowers are:

  1. Entry level: Mainly used for residential purposes. These are light-duty machines and are mainly intended to do small works.
  2. Mid-Grade: These are considered a step-up from the entry-level mowers. If you have a large lawn then, Mid-Range mowers are the perfect option for you.
  3. Semi-Pro: The Semi-Pro Mowers are considered best for lighter commercial areas. These are made up of heavy-duty parts and are quite strong enough.
  4. Commercial: As the name suggests, these are only used for all commercial works. It consists of all the premium parts and is fully designed for professional work.

Changing the Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Blades

Just like every other machine. Lawnmowers also require maintenance. Their blades get blunt very quickly, resulting in the uneven cutting of grass and consuming large amounts of fuel, etc. So, it is recommended to change their blades after using them for hours.

Most of the Zero-Turn Mowers have a three-blade arrangement which makes them efficient, and its changing procedure is also quite simple and straightforward.

Some Of the Essential Tools Which You Will Require While Changing Blades Are:

  • Gloves – Gloves are essential as they provide safety to your hands and protect them from any severe cuts or injuries.
  • Box Wrench – Helpful in unscrewing all the nuts.
  • Socket Wrench – Some of the nuts require socket wrench as box wrench cannot be used everywhere.
  • New Blades – A New Blade set, it is always recommended to use original blades because it has a longer lifespan than the local ones.
  • Washers – They are required for overhauling.

After collecting all the important parts, now you are all set for changing the blades.

To Change the Blades, You Have to Follow the Instructions Given Below:

  1. Place the Lawnmower on an adjustable height, and it is also recommended to apply the parking brakes so that it does not move from its specified place.
  2. Now, adjust the height according to your own comfort.
  3. Now, you must remove the power source of the Lawn Mowers, such as spark plugs in an engine-powered mower.
  4. Now, unscrew the bottom parts of the mower from the sides where the blades are attached. For this part, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for a successful procedure.
  5. Now, you must unlock the spindle using the box wrench; you also must unscrew the blade nut with the help of a socket wrench.
  6. Then, you must hold the box and turn the wrench anti-clockwise to remove the screw.
  7. After removing the nut, remove the spring washer and then the blades.
  8. Check the spring washer if it is in working condition or not, otherwise replace it too.
  9. Now, you must take the new blade set and insert it into the exact position as the previous one. Then, you must put the washer and the blade nut and tighten them properly.
  10. Use the torque wrench to tighten the blade properly, and do not forget to apply some grease.
  11. Now, attach the power source again and check everything is working properly or not.
  12. After testing everything, you can now use the mower again.

Final Words

Zero-Turn mowers are trendy because of their ease to use. These new technology mowers made the maintenance and handling of these mowers very easy. That is the main reason behind many people prefer to do lawn mower maintenance at home instead of taking it to professionals.

This is all about this guide. I hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any queries or questions regarding the guide, you can ask us by commenting below. We will be very happy to sort all your queries.

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