How to Keep Your Above-Ground Pool Clean


Having a pool, whether it is in-ground or above-ground, is indeed a luxury but, inground pool ideas are something more adorable. However, some facilities come with their share of chores. If you have an above-ground pool in your home, you must keep it clean and well-maintained. Of course, water is bound to get dirty, and it accumulates a lot of debris over time. Therefore, cleaning should be a regular routine.

To keep things simple, here are a few tips that may prove helpful to you for this tedious task:

First comes the pump

The pump of an above-ground pool is the salient device that keeps the water clean. It circulates the water of your pool and continuously replaces it with new and clean water. In the case of the pump, the circulation rate and frequency are the crucial points.

You should set its frequency in a way that it circulates the pool water completely after every seven to nine hours. One more noteworthy thing about the pump is the pump basket. It is where the filtered out dirt and debris are collected. You have to clean your pump basket frequently. Otherwise, it won’t work as it should.

Wash the filters regularly

One of the problems you will encounter with pool maintenance is cloudy pool water, and it can be challenging to keep it crystal clear.

Fortunately, pools have a filter system that tries to clean the dirt. This is what you have to clean to ensure accuracy and efficiency. So, if you fail to clean the filter system regularly, it may get clogged and stop working. You can use reverse water pressure to remove the accumulated dirt and debris. In the case of cartridge filters, you may need to replace them now and then. You should also clean the skimmer baskets attached to the walls once a week. After all, you don’t want them to gather all types of leaves and litter.

Remove floating objects 

You can use a flat skimmer to remove floating objects from the water surface. These floating debris will give you an unpleasant experience while using the pool. Of course, exercising caution is always a good idea when using a skimmer. Do not throw litter in the pool and cover the above-ground pool, especially when it is not in use, to prevent leaves from falling into it.

Clean the floor of the pool once in a while

The floor of the pool may get dirty with time due to the dirt and debris that escapes through the filter and the germs which are brought along by the people using the pool and it doesn’t matter if it is your above ground pool or you are looking to have some hot tub deck ideas, care should be taken for all. These all accumulate in the water. You can use a brush to clean the pool. Or you can always do things the easy way by using a robotic cleaner. They can be very useful as they move all around in the pool and clean them thoroughly without you having to manually brush the areas. Robot cleaners can suck dirt and debris in through vacuum action as well.

To conclude, you can say that pool cleaning is not a tedious task if you follow a set of rules and maintain your filter system properly.

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