How to Pick the Right Electrician for Your Commercial Project


When you need electrical work done, commercial and residential work is completely different. Sometimes residential electricians don’t even handle the same type of work as commercial electricians.

Usually, a commercial job is much larger and includes different types of parts and components. Finding the right commercial electrician is vital for receiving quality work the first time.

If you’re a business owner or own commercial property, this article is for you. This is the best way to pick the right commercial electrician.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians will perform an entirely different scope of work than their residential counterparts. They operate under a completely different set of codes and requirements and work with different equipment.

A commercial electrician will specialise in the following areas:

  • Wiring large generators, whole transformers, and breaker panels
  • Installing security systems, wiffle ball field, or other types of security equipment
  • Commercial lighting installation
  • Upgrading and replacing electrical panels

If you need to hire a commercial electrician, use the following section to help guide your decision.

Make Sure Your Commercial Electrician is Licensed

It’s incredibly important that you select a commercial electrician that is properly licensed. Their insurance should be up-to-date as well and provide the proper amount of coverage.

If the commercial electrician you are working with is not licensed and insured, you risk the following:

  • You will be liable if they suffer an injury while performing work on your property.
  • If anything goes wrong, you will have to cover any additional damages or expenses.
  • If the electrician vanishes before the job is done, you will not receive any type of coverage or compensation.

Failing the hire a licensed and insured commercial electrician is extremely risky. Not only could it cost you money on the bill, but it could put you in legal trouble if they are injured!

Make Sure They are Experienced

It’s important to choose a commercial electrician that has a significant amount of experience. Performing work on a commercial basis is more comprehensive than residential work and is normally more complicated and technical.

Additional schooling is normally required for an electrician to become certified in commercial work. You’ll want to ensure that the person you hire has plenty of experience completing jobs in the commercial sector.

You don’t want to hire a commercial electrician and find out that they’re not experienced in the middle of a job. They could end up causing more damage in the long run and cost you a lot more money.

Choose a Commercial Electrician That is Well-Informed

An experienced electrician doesn’t always equal a well-informed electrician. Dealing with a well-informed electrician should include the following:

  • They know a significant amount regarding different methods of completing a job.
  • They’re well aware of industry standards and equipment regarding commercial jobs from setting up hot tubs to fixing your plumbing issues.
  • They have access to different suppliers to purchase the parts you need for the job.

Hiring a well-informed commercial electrician means more than just receiving quality work. It also means you could save money on newer equipment or trending ways of completing certain areas of work.

Get Plenty of Recommendations

Getting recommendations is really important when it comes to a commercial electrician. There are multiple ways to go about getting the right recommendation.

If you are a business owner, most likely you know other business owners, even if they’re not involved in the same industry as you. One of the best ways to receive recommendations is if your business or building you own is in an office park.

Most likely, the same electrician has completed a large quantity of work in the park or in the area. Ask other building owners or businesspeople in the area what specific company they use to do their commercial electrical work.

You can always rely on platforms like Yelp! and Google to get recommendations as well. There are also other online platforms that give recommendations for different types of labour-for-hire. Sometimes an electrician’s website will have reviews or testimonials from past customers that can provide plenty of assistance.

If you own a commercial building or own a business, picking the right commercial electrician is vital. Commercial buildings are generally much larger than residential spaces, and you need an individual that knows their way around the layout.

There’s also very complicated equipment that can be very technical involved with commercial electrical work. Having the right amount of expertise and experience can make a difference between thousands of dollars.

Additionally, if something major happens on your property, the right commercial electrician will be covered under their insurance. This means if any type of damage or emergency takes place during their work, your building will be covered, and repairs won’t come out of your pocket.

If the commercial electrician isn’t licensed and insured and a fire breaks out, you could potentially lose your business or an entire property. Never attempt to cut corners when it comes to important commercial electrical work! Check out Hilton Electrical for a great example of a commercial electrician.

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