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How Long Does It Take to Charge Black and Decker LST136W String Trimmer Battery for The First Time?

Black and Decker LST136W

Don’t you want your gardening to get easier? Why not! Everybody seeks such tricks.

Many people have a passionate hobby of gardening. They are nature lovers who love spending time in its grooming. They take care of weeds and grasses by giving them regular trimming, water, and sunlight.

Different tools have now been available in the market, but their battery life is not so supportive. Similarly, we have come across a Black & Decker LST136W string trimmer, which can give your grass a soft velvet looks with good battery backup. So let us explore this wonderful product together!

Product: Features and Benefits

It is a grass trimmer which makes your work easier and helps you in getting easy access. It trims the grass and gives it a new feel. Suitable for every age, this magical product will pump up your day with its good services and excellent battery stay. Let us discuss some features and benefits of this item:

  1. High performance
  2. Good power command
  3. Automatic feed spool
  4. Fast charger
  5. Easily convertible
  6. Maintains adequate voltage.

The Battery Backup

It is good that one does not have to wait till long to get the battery charged as it takes a maximum of 45 minutes to charge completely for the first time. It depends on the usage where you can see the battery lasts for 40 minutes.

For later stages, you can follow the further process. The product has a sensor to check the level of battery used and remaining. Less battery indicates red light, while the fully charged battery indicates bright green light.

You can also go to the setting and on the battery saver mode for less consumption. Apart from that, there is a knob where 1 to 6 points are labeled for least to highest battery backup, i.e., if the knob is on six, it will take hardly 15 minutes, but if it is on 1, it might take 45 minutes, while in between 2-5 (generally used by the people at this speed), it just takes an hour and a half to charge entirely.

Thankfully, it comes with a fast charger and works like magic for the product. Still, if you find that your trimmer lacks something regarding battery, the company gives you a manual that you can go through.


Providing you with the best of the best facts, we have given all the details about this marvelous product which you can buy or gift to your loved ones. Black & Decker LST136w string trimmer is the best product, along with a good battery journey.

On that note, we are packing off with significant factual data on the product and its battery consumption. Do let us know your views and comment down below if our post helped you in any way. Do not forget to visit us for such great content.

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