How to Remove Chipping Blade from Woodchipper

Chipping Blade from Woodchipper

Woodchipper is utilized to reduce the wood by trimming them constantly as and when needed. It is a powerful machine and requires a lot of maintenance. Though there is no problem with renting a wood chipper, it is better to buy it as a long-term investment. Also, the wood chipper is very portable, and you can carry them anywhere easily as per your convenience.

Wood chippers have strong blades that reduce the wood without affecting its compost. Chipper blade sharpening should be done so that it performs well. But if the blades have become too dull and old over time, it’s better to change them into new blades. Now let us have a look at how you can remove chipping blades from the chipper.

How To Remove Chipper Blades?

Things required:

Blades cannot be removed using the hands, so there are some tools required for our safety.

Bring together all the above, mentioned tools and wear safety gear for your protection. The same tools will also work for the installment of new blades. But before start the process few things should be noted.

Tuck in your shirt and make sure that your clothes are not too loose, remember to wear tight clothes. Because if you wear loose clothes they can get stuck in the blade.

Tie your hair to protect yourself from the injury.

Wear protective gloves such as a helmet, goggles, and gloves.

Step 1: The Engine Should Be Turned Off

turn off Woodchipper engine

The very first step is to turn off the engine and keep its keys safely somewhere at a known place. Switching off the engine will make sure that the blades stop spinning and injury doesn’t take place. And if you have an electric chipper, have a check whether the plugged-in switch is turned off or not.

Step 2: The Inspection Plate Should Be Unscrewed

Woodchipper Inspection Plate

So, in this step, the first thing is to turn the screws with the help of a socket wrench. Many wood chippers have inspection plate which gives access to the blades. This plate can be found in the front part of the machine which is around 18 inches if measured from the surface. Debris can be removed easily from the blades using this technique.

Step 3: Blades Should Be Unscrewed in an Anticlockwise Direction

Woodchipper blade

Blade removal procedure can take place only when the machine is completely dismantled. Blades become easily accessible after the inspection plates are removed. Use the tools to unscrew bolts of the blade in an anticlockwise direction. If the bolts cannot be removed easily and you find it difficult then use a short hammer and tap on the bolts so that it gets easy to remove them.

If you want to replace the blades make sure that they are of the same model and follow the procedures mentioned by the manufacturer to fix the blade.

If you are sharpening the blade, use the right technique and grinding wheel to make sure it is well ground. Keep the blade grinding until a new strip of metal appears. Make sure that too much metal is not removed because we must only sharp the blade and not remove the blade.

Types Of Woodchippers

Pto Chippers

These are the type of machines which draw power from larger machines which means it does not require gas or electricity to run on. Also, it is suitable to chip large items easily using PTO chipper.

Screw Chippers

These are the most common chippers because they are easily available at the nearest stores. They are conical in shape and consist of more than one chute. And using this chipper wood can be cut into smaller pieces quickly.

Disk Chipper

The blades of the woodchipper move perpendicularly and it is easily manageable to cut the wood into small pieces. This machine helps you to manage large pieces of wood effectively.

Drum Chippers

The blades of this machine work at regular intervals and work well with porous materials. The machine reduces your efforts by doing the work efficiently.


Removing the blade from chippers is a beautiful process and requires a lot of patience. If all the steps are kept in mind, then it is easy to remove the blade. The blades of the wood chipper should be maintained well and regularly, if the blades are destroyed then replace them with new blades.

To prevent any injury or accident use proper tools as mentioned in the article and also for the safety of your body wear protective gear. Make sure that which type of chipper do you have so that you can remove the blades accordingly keeping the instructions in mind. Do take help from a trained professional if you are unsure about the removal process of blades.

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