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Have you ever had a plant-growing gadget called Aerogarden and thought about how to make its light start over? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out. Resetting the light on an Aerogarden is as simple as pushing a button. We’ll show you the easy steps to do it.

But why should you reset the light, you might ask? Well, your plants need light to grow big and strong, just like how you need food. But sometimes, it’s good to give them a break. Resetting the light helps your plants rest and prepare for more growth.

So, there you can go with a simple way to reset the light on your Aerogarden to grow it well enough and learn more about aerogarden bounty.

Why Do Your Plants Need AeroGarden Light?

Plants need special AeroGarden light. It helps them grow, like how the sun helps us. Plants use light to make their food, which is super good for them. If plants don’t get enough light, they might not grow nice and strong. Their leaves might even turn yellow. That’s why we should make sure they get the light they like. So, keep the AeroGarden light on to keep your plants healthy.

Which AeroGarden Should I Get?

Which AeroGarden Should I Get?

Picking the right AeroGarden is important. They come in various types and sizes. If you have lots of room, choose a big one. If you have less space, a smaller AeroGarden is good. Some have extra stuff like Wi-Fi and touchscreens, while others are simpler. Think about your space and what you want, then choose the AeroGarden that’s right for you. Make sure it fits in your home nicely. Don’t rush; take your time to pick the best one for you. Make the choice that suits your space and needs the most.

How High Should My AeroGarden Light Be?

How high the light in your AeroGarden should be matters a lot. It should be near your plants but not too near. If it’s very near, it might hurt your plants. If it’s far away, they won’t get the light they need. Most AeroGardens have a guide that tells you the right height. When your plants are small, keep the light low. When they grow, raise it a little at a time. This helps them get the light they need to be healthy.

How Do I Know When To Raise My AeroGarden Light?

Lifting the light high is crucial as your plants grow. You should do this when you notice your plants getting near the light or when they begin to touch it. This usually occurs as they become taller. So, watch your plants carefully, and when they approach the light, lift them a bit. This will help your plants continue receiving the light they require to grow well. Remember, as your plants grow, adjusting the light’s height will ensure they stay healthy and happy.

How Long Do AeroGarden Lights Last?

AeroGarden lights stay bright for a good while. Usually, they work for around 12 to 15 months before you get new ones; that’s almost a whole year. However, it changes a bit based on how much you use your AeroGarden. If you use it a lot, the lights might need replacing sooner. So, watch closely, and if they start looking less bright or flickering, it’s time to put in new lights.

How Do I Raise The Light On My AeroGarden?

Turning on the light for your AeroGarden is super simple. You don’t require any special tools. Just lift the light cover and slide it up the adjustable arm. This is great for your plants because you can change the height as your plants grow taller. Remember to do this often to ensure your plants receive the correct amount of light for healthy growth.

Steps to Reset the Light on An AeroGarden

  • Unplug the AeroGarden: To reset the light on your AeroGarden, the first thing you should do is unplug it from the electrical outlet. This ensures your safety while working on it.
  • Wait for 60 Seconds: Give your AeroGarden a brief rest by waiting for about 60 seconds. This pause allows the system to reset itself and clear any previous settings.
  • Plug it Back In: After the short wait, plug your AeroGarden back into the electrical outlet. Make sure it’s securely connected.
  • Observe the Lights: Keep an eye on the lights of your AeroGarden. You should see them go through several patterns, indicating that the reset process is happening. It might blink or change colors.
  • Set Your Preferences: Once the lights have finished their reset sequence, you can now set your preferred light schedule and intensity using the control panel. Refer to your aerogarden’s manual for specific instructions on adjusting these settings.
  • Monitor Growth: Now that your AeroGarden is reset, you can continue enjoying the growth of your plants under the newly configured lighting conditions. Remember to regularly check the water and nutrient levels to keep your plants healthy.


Resetting the light on your AeroGarden is simple. Just unplug it, wait for a bit, and then plug it back in. Restarting your computer when it gets stuck. This helps the plants grow better because they need the light to be on and off at the right times.

So, if you see the light blinking or not turning on when it should, don’t worry. You can fix it easily by unplugging and plugging it in again.

Taking care of your AeroGarden is important so that your plants can be healthy and happy. Just keep in mind these easy steps can keep your garden glowing.

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With a background in Environmental Studies from Johns Hopkins University, Michael Smith has enriched various readers with his backyard improvement insights since 2020. His professional journey includes 10 years as a horticultural therapist, where he combined his love for gardening with mental well-being practices. Before his current role, Michael worked with several renowned landscaping firms and contributed to award-winning garden designs. Apart from his professional pursuits, he is an enthusiastic cyclist and a volunteer in local environmental conservation initiatives. He’s also a passionate rock climber and a homemade beer enthusiast.

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