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Technology has made our life much easier than it used to be in the past. Nowadays, we don’t even have to step out of our homes to get done most of the things. Grocery, medicines, beauty products, everything is just one click away from our doorsteps. The same happens with farming also. Earlier our elders have to grow crops in large fields. They have to take care of crops from birds and wild animals.

Then comes a small kitchen garden where the safety of crops and flowers becomes much easier. now we have aero gardens where we do not even need mud and water to grow plants and flowers. This is all because of technology. But you cannot grow every single plant in aero gardens. There are specific plants that can grow healthily in an aero garden.

In this article, we are going to talk about those specific plants only. We will also add some tips for cleaning aerogarden.

Let’s start with the meaning of aerogarden first!

What Is an Aerogarden?


An aerogarden is not like a kitchen garden. It is not a large area full of mud and water. Instead, an aerogarden is a small box with artificial lights and all the required stuff for the growth of plants. It also comes with a monitor screen which shows you the growth graph of your plant. It also gives timely indications about the need for the plant.

The growth of plants in aerogarden is five times more than that of an ordinary mud garden. You can place an aerogarden at any corner of your house. This is the ideal tool for those plant lovers who are super busy in their professional life.

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The Plants Which Can Grow in An Aerogarden

Almost all the vegetables, fruits, and herbs grow well in an aerogarden. Among these three categories, there are specific plants that are ideal for growing in an aerogarden. These plants are:


Tomatoes can last in an aerogarden for a whole year. Also, it is straightforward and effortless to take care of tomatoes in aerogarden. You don’t need special seeds for this. But ordinary tomato seeds, showing them in the garden. Follow all the indications of aerogarden about watering it and light control.


Who does not love to eat healthy homegrown healthy broccoli? Buy some broccoli seeds and a seed pod kit. Add only three seeds in the sponges and insert them in plastic baskets. Place the plastic baskets in the aerogarden and wait for the indications. The broccoli will grow faster, and you will soon enjoy broccoli dinner with your family.


Basil is considered a good herb that can add flavor to many dishes. It is mainly used in spaghetti and pasta to add authentic flavor to them. But the basil pod kit and place it in the aerogarden. After few days, the pods will start to grow, and you can cut the leaves to enjoy your flavored meals. Once you cut the leaves, they will grow again.


Yes, peppers can also grow a whole year in an aerogarden. The procedure is the same, buy pod kit and add to aerogarden. Pepper needs space to grow; hence, leave proper space between each pepper plant. Pepper is a staple that needs lots of care. Therefore, fees the pepper plant regularly as per the indications of aerogarden.


Yummy strawberries can also be grown in the aerogarden. You have to be little patience while growing the strawberries because the seed pots are not easily available in the market. If you are not able to find the seed pots, then make one at your home.

Cut the roots of strawberries to a small extent and then put them into the grow sponge. You have to check the aerogarden daily because strawberries need little extra care than ordinary plants.


Eggplant is also one of the great vegetables which can be growing in the aerogarden. But eggplant seed pots and add them to the aerogarden.

These are the ideal plants to grow in the aerogarden. You will never be disappointed if you grow these plants in your garden. Other major plants are oregano, dill, mint, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, kale, mustard greens, collard beans, lettuce, beet greens, etc.

All the plants grow for an average of six months and give the vegetables and fruits after 8-10 weeks.

Tips For the Cleaning of Aerogarden

cleaning aerogardens

It is important to clean the aerogarden after every crop because there is the risk of pathogens growing. Follow the given tips to clean the aerogarden after every crop:

  • Take a bowl full of water and add chlorine to it. Switch on the water pump and let the water flow for five minutes in the whole aerogarden.
  • Throw away all the bleach water and fill it with clean, pure water.
  • Now let the water pump flow the clean water into the whole aerogarden.
  • Repeat the same procedure one more time for a better result.
  • If you do not have chlorine water then, go for vinegar water.

Make sure you follow the cleaning procedure after the removal of every plant. Otherwise, it is not going to give the same result for the next crop. Chances are there that aerogarden may stop working after some time because of all the bacteria and dust.

These are the plants, herbs, and fruits that you can grow in an aerogarden. Aerogarden can grow almost all the plants. Some need great care, and some not. Therefore, watch out for the plants according to their need. Else aerogarden is a great option for planting.

Michael Smith
With a background in Environmental Studies from Johns Hopkins University, Michael Smith has enriched various readers with his backyard improvement insights since 2020. His professional journey includes 10 years as a horticultural therapist, where he combined his love for gardening with mental well-being practices. Before his current role, Michael worked with several renowned landscaping firms and contributed to award-winning garden designs. Apart from his professional pursuits, he is an enthusiastic cyclist and a volunteer in local environmental conservation initiatives. He’s also a passionate rock climber and a homemade beer enthusiast.

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