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Husqvarna 324l Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer Review

You must be searching for a potent enough thing in the event you are having a lawn or yard covered entirely with overgrown weeds. It would help if you wanted that thing to clean your yard correctly.

So, you don’t have to worry much about thicker overgrown weeds in your yard as this article will provide you a complete review of Husqvarna 324l, which will help you make the right decision buying one.

Various trimmers are there in the market that may be having poor performance. However, there must be something in Husqvarna 324l that might be holding you back. So, this article will give you a clear review of the Husqvarna 324l that will surely be beneficial for you.

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But before beginning, you need to know what exactly Husqvarna 324l is. Well, it is a 4-stroke gas trimmer that operates on pure gas, having a 4-stroke engine. There is no need to blend fuel and oil in this model.

With a 0.095-inch diameter line, Husqvarna 324l has a dual bump feed line and a straight shaft. 

You’ll indeed like this thing to eliminate air from the carburetor; it uses an air purge system and Smart Start. This cool thing allows the machine to start. It makes use of a T35 Husqvarna trimmer head and a Honda engine. It weighs 11.24lbs, excluding all the parts of cutting.

Now, this review of Husqvarna 324l will let you know whether you should go for its purchase or not. 

Husqvarna Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer


Smart Start Engine 

It is challenging to start a gas-powered engine. Weak people find it more challenging to give it a start. But, as technology advances, it is not true that all the gas-powered engines are hard to start when you have Husqvarna 324l. It is a clear-cut example. Husqvarna 324l has a smart start technology with the assistance of which anyone can start this trimmer rapidly.

Easy Line Feed 

Another outstanding feature named as tap and goes bump feed does wonder in the Husqvarna 324l.

Potent Engine 

You must have searched for top-notch models that come at a high cost that cannot cut through thick weeds of medium size. However, there is no need to take much stress when you have the Husqvarna 324l.

It is among the most powerful 4-stroke string trimmers in the market. It provides 1.07 HP as its power output. It implies that you can effortlessly cut through the hardest and long weeds with simplicity.

Adjustable Handle 

The handle’s height plays a huge role in the way you trim the weeds productively and conveniently. You must have seen some trimmers that have fixed handles. The major disadvantage with these machines incorporates that they are just right for a particular height. Individuals who are tall or short find it hard to operate.

However, you won’t find this problem with this Husqvarna 324l. You can adjust it as per your requirement and trim accordingly with this adjustable handle’s assistance. In addition to this, the handlebar has a non-grip that will provide convenience to the hand.

Straight Shaft

Weed Cutting is also possible if you do it on your own. So, why is there any need to invest many resources in buying a trimming machine when you can do it manually? 

Well, here is a reason, and that is complete of worth. This is your comfort and convenience. People put their resources in the trimming machine to perform the things quickly and conveniently. 

You must have thoroughly checked various models that are quite expensive and performs very slow. Well, a trimmer has to be quick similar to Husqvarna 324l. The user can cut considerable numbers of weeds at one time as this machine has a straight shaft. 

It implies that you can cover quite a large lawn in very little time. This feature will permit the user to cover all the obstacles and bushes very merely.


Other than you, there is no other thing that will follow this machine as it is entirely a cordless machine. One significant advantage of this machine is that you can work at any place you desire. In addition to this, you can work simply with its adjustable handle.

Simple Edging

Not all the trimming machines provide this feature, although it is a necessary feature for various lawns. The straight shaft feature permits you to do simple edging of the yard’s side very simply and cleanly. It is that feature that is not even provided by various top-notch machines.

Simple to Use and Assemble 

You do not have to worry about the assembly of Husqvarna 324l. You will get everything in simple and straightforward words in its instruction guide. In addition to this, it is straightforward to use, so you do not have to think about its assembly and usage.

Specifications of Husqvarna 324l 

  • 24lbs weight
  • 25 cm3 cylinder displacement (excluding cutting parts)
  • 9 x 70 x 9 (w x h x d in inches) in size
  • 324L series name
  • Gas power type
  • Dual bump feed lies
  • 2-year warranty
  • 7000 rpm max. power speed
  • 18 inches cutting swath
  • 3100 idling speed
  • 095 inches line diameter

The Good Things in Husqvarna 324l

  • It is simple to feed line as it has tapped and go technology
  • You can start it very quickly and rapidly because of its smart start technology
  • It is perfect for people having distinct heights because of its super-adjustable handle
  • It trims the whole yard rapidly as it permits you to cover more weeds at one time
  • You can trim through thicker and long weeds with ease because of its extremely potent engine. 

The Bad Things in Husqvarna 324l

  • You are unable to attach sapling removal or brush cutters with this machine as it is not attachment friendly
  • The machines that have to harness are straightforward to carry; however, Husqvarna 324l does not possess any strap or harness to add support to your shoulder.

Reviews by Customers

In general, customers liked this product as they have given a positive response. They loved its 4-stroke engine. As there is no need to blend gas and oil, so it is a significant alteration from the previous machines. But, some individuals claimed that this machine makes use of more gas than they expected.   

Overall, considerable numbers of individuals have liked this machine for their lawn. They also did not discover any problem with its provided amount of power. 

Apart from this, some reviews have claimed that this weed trimmer is not sufficiently potent for what they have desired. It is also mentioned in one comment that this weed trimmer stops when it attempts to cut 12-16″ grass. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Buyers

What is the Last Size a String Can Have to Operate with This Machine? 

The Husqvarna 324l can perform with 0.095 to 0.105 string, as mentioned by the users.

Does This Trimmer Have the Ability to Manage Aftermarket Attachments?

No, not at all. However, the Husqvarna 324l is ideal for which it is manufactured. 

Does Husqvarna 324l Perform Better at Vertical Edging? 

Of course! Due to the feature of a straight shaft, this trimmer performs well at vertical edging. In addition to this, this machine is amazingly powerful.

Significant Things to Consider Before you Purchase a Weed Trimmer:

  • You can save a lot of time in the event you purchase a weed trimmer. You can make use of a weed trimmer that will do the job quickly rather than pulling all the weeds on your own. Both the machines, whether it is a gas-powered or electric string, they can enhance the outer appearance of your home. 
  • In the event, you do not have enough time to pull weeds on your own, or you are weak enough to do so, you can invest some money in buying a weed trimmer. Husqvarna 324l is a gas-powered weed trimmer. Well, unlike string trimmer, it is not very environmentally friendly. However, the newer models do not pollute much as compared to the older ones. 
  • It is essential to consider all your requirements before you buy a weed trimmer; this way, you can compare all the machine features with others. Gas-powered trimmers have a high capacity to cut thicker and heavier weeds than the string pull models. In addition to this, various machines come with a straight shaft, whereas some come with a curved one. 
  • The machine can cover more extended areas in the event you purchase it having a straight shaft. If you are tall, then it will be a win-win situation for you as it will become simple to use for you. It is less in weight and simple to manipulate in the event you purchase a curved shaft trimmer. 

Final Words 

Countless numbers of individuals discovered an issue when they find unwelcome weeds in their yard.

In the event you do it on your own, it is a very tiresome and tedious job. This Husqvarna 324l is a fantastic solution to your problem of weeds.  

This machine is ideal for small zones like lawns or yards and is very simple to use. Moreover, it is not much expensive. 

It also offers a plus point as it is energy efficient as compared to other models. So, in general, customers have positively rated this product so that you can go for its purchase. 

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