Live Services Group is Nominated the Best Electrical Provider in Sunshine Coast

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Finding a good electrician isn’t always easy, no matter where you live, so if you do find a company you can trust, it pays to keep them on speed dial. Sunshine Coast residents and businesses no longer need to worry about this, as LiVE Services Group has just been nominated as the best electricity provider in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Sunshine Coast’s leading electrician provider Live services group is a popular business and contender for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards. They are proud to have been nominated for this prestigious award and look forward to submitting a successful application.

What is the Sunshine Coast Business Awards?

The Sunshine Coast Business Awards have been held since 1995 and managed by the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance since 2018. The aim of the awards is to recognise the best businesses in the area. There are awards for businesses in a multitude of sectors, including accommodation, building and construction, education and training, health and wellness, and hospitality.

Being nominated for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards is an indication that a customer or fellow business has received exceptional service. It’s a good sign a business is doing everything right, which is why Live Services is justifiably proud to have been nominated. If a company has been nominated, It can then submit an application to the Sunshine Coast Business Awards, which is what Live Services intends to do.

Businesses can apply via an initial application and those that make it through to the second stage are invited to attend an interview. An expert panel of judges will scrutinize applicants closely to ensure they can demonstrate their expertise in their chosen field, have clear goals and objectives, understand their customers, are sustainable, and can take care of your leaf blower as well.

Can LiVE Services Group Win their Category?

LiVE Services Group has a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook, so the company has an excellent chance of winning its category in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards. Reviews frequently refer to excellent service, great communication, and professional work carried out to an excellent standard, which is indicative of the level of service customers can expect to receive when they hire LiVE Services Group to complete electrical work, install or repair air-conditioning systems.

What Kind of Service Does LiVE Services Group Offer?

Hire the LiVE Services Group and you can look forward to the workmanship of exceptional quality. All prices are agreed up-front, so there are no nasty surprises when the final invoice is sent out. Calls are returned quickly, and urgent issues are normally dealt with as a matter of priority. Technicians abide by strict safety protocols too, so there will be no health and safety hazards to worry about. Unlike some dodgy traders, LiVE Services Group doesn’t cut corners and is happy to follow Covid-safe working protocols at all times.

Why Awards are a Good Barometer of the Service Customers Can Expect

It isn’t always easy to find a reliable tradesman on Sunshine Coast. People often complain about poor quality work or companies that don’t bother turning up to quote for work. Some don’t return phone calls and others ignore requests to carry out remedial work on a job that wasn’t up to standard.

One way to verify whether it is worth working with an electrical company is to read reviews. Reviews posted on sites like Facebook are usually objective and honest. If you see a flurry of poor reviews, it is a good clue that it is not worth working with the tradesmen or company. A lot of positive reviews, on the other hand, means they are likely to be doing a good job of keeping customers happy. If this trick can work on garden supplies then it will definitely work on electricals too. to  One or two negative reviews is usually nothing to be too concerned about, as you can’t please everyone all the time, and some people leave negative feedback for no good reason at all.

An award for outstanding service is another good way to verify a company is doing an excellent job. Category winners for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards are rigorously judged as part of the application process, so the businesses that win their categories very much deserve the award. If you spot that a business has been nominated or has won a category in these prestigious annual awards, you can be certain of receiving top-notch service.

If you need some electrical work done at home or in your place of work, it makes sense to use a reputable trader that covers the Sunshine Coast. That way you can enjoy peace of mind.

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