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Log Splitter Plans: A 2021 Guide to Homemade DIY Options

A Few Log Splitters Plan: A 2021 Guide to Homemade Log Splitter Attachments

Homemade log splitters will make your life easier by saving your time, energy, and cash regarding cutting wood for use in a chimney or stove, or fireplace.

As everyone these days is choosing a sustainable way of life, log splitters will play a useful role.

Well, that is cool, right? So, while now you might be thinking about how to make a log splitter at home or what are some log splitter plans, we already have got you some plans.

Here are 13 cool Log splitter plans that can help you make homemade firewood processors so that you can build your homemade wood splitter and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Log Splitter Plans and Attachment Ideas

1. Screw Homemade Log Splitter

Screw Homemade Log Splitter

A goliath screw can transform enormous logs into chimney sized logs rapidly and effectively with this homemade wood splitter plan.

If you use a chimney or stove, or fireplace, this is the ideal log splitter for you to claim.

If you can add a three-horsepower engine to make this DIY log splitter, it can be readily used to deal with even the most giant logs effortlessly.

This DIY log splitter plan is essential and has a lot of safety features. The engine that controls the screw can be activated merely using a push button.

2. Hammer Log Splitter

Hammer Log Splitter

This log splitter plan is extraordinary, yet similarly as successful for cutting firewood. This homemade log splitter does not have an engine and is worked physically. This is made of old iron.

Let us say it is the best way to reuse old iron into creating a valuable wood splitter. Even though it is worked manually, this log splitter plan fuses a heavy-duty spring that does the more significant part of your work.

This log splitter additionally gives you more extraordinary adaptability in the size of wood you start with and end with. You can get part even the big wood log into little bits of fuelwood.

3. Thirty Ton Log Splitter

Thirty Ton Log Splitter

Say if you must split some tough oak wood or huge bits of wood, at that point, this 30-ton log splitter plan is for you. It is suggested to use this only if there is a lot of wood that needs to be cut. It is not ideal for small wood.

An ideal custom-made log splitter for somebody who offers to kindle and needs to cut a ton of massive logs into small logs. Additionally, a great log splitter for a homesteader that cooks with wood. This hardcore homemade wood splitter can deal with the most challenging and most significant bits of wood effortlessly.

4. Hydraulic Log Splitter

Hydraulic Log Splitter

This log splitter plan will tell you the best way to manufacture a safe and proficient hydraulic log splitter for your home or other use at the point when you must cut and stack. A ton of winter use kindling for your home or selling in a firewood business; this great hydraulic log splitter can rapidly take care of your business.

This DIY machine can change giant hardwood trees into heaps of split wood that is the perfect size for a wood heater.

5. Wedge Transformation

Wedge Transformation

This wedge transformation log splitter plan is the best way to change a little wood splitter into a more impressive machine that deals with more giant logs. The wedge is expanded so the little log splitter can undoubtedly part more giant logs to make the cutting of firewood quicker and simpler for the home.

When heating and cooking with kindling, it takes a ton of wood to get past the colder time of year, and this DIY wedge transformation will assist you with cutting kindling in a short measure of time. Save time, cash, and energy by transforming a small log splitter into a bigger one with this log splitter plan.

6. Gas Powered Splitter

Gas Powered Splitter

A small gas motor gives the ability to an enormous log splitter. Extraordinary for use in an off-grid residence or lodge in the forested areas, keep the kindling ready and stocked to ignite with this fantastic machine.

The two back tires create this homemade log splitter compact so you can move it around when needed. Keep the log splitter in your truck or ATV and take it out into the forested areas where the trees are so that cutting kindling can be more effective.

7. Woodchipper Log Splitter

Woodchipper Log Splitter

It is incredibly incredible if one machine will do two distinct works. This woodchipper log splitter plan will save you a lot of time, money, space, and cash. One DIY wood splitter and two works.

It takes little bits of fuelwood to kickstart and then huge bits of kindling to keep the fire burning for quite a while. This homemade log splitter gives both small and big bits of wood so you can keep your home hot and warm throughout the colder time of year.

8. Three-Point DIY Log Splitter

Three-Point DIY Log Splitter

Tractors are an essential piece of a working farm, and they can do significantly more than merely plowing a field. Tractors can be utilized to part wood for the chimney or wood heater.

Split enough kindling to get you through the colder time of year with your homestead farm tractor. The farm tractor generally sits inert in the barn throughout the cold weather months, and this is a great log splitter plan to put the tractor to use during that idle time.

Assemble this three-point log splitter and let the farm tractor accomplish the difficult work of cutting kindling for you.

9. Three-HP Motor

Three-HP Motor

This heavy-duty log splitter is made to last and give long years of service. The 3-HP motor makes cutting massive logs easy so you can get back inside where it is warm before your fingers get ice frost.

It is awful to be outside in under zero climate cutting kindling with an axe, so make this DIY log splitter, so you will not need to invest a lot of energy outside in a frigid climate.

10. Manual Splitter with Four Blades

Manual Splitter with Four Blades

Four axes are utilized to make four cutting blades on the homemade log splitter. This splitter is somewhat unique in comparison to the others since it is a manual splitter.

No gas or power is utilized to control this machine, so it is ideal for an off-grid residence or a far-off hunting cabin. It is a straightforward method to cut kindling, and it tends to be utilized anyplace you must start a fire.

Put the log in the metal frame on top of the four axe blades. At that point, give the log that is put a hard hit, and the log will become four complete and perfectly sized pieces of firewood.

11. Two Way Homemade Log Splitter

Two Way Homemade Log Splitter

This very efficient log splitter plan will cut kindling both coming and going so that the work completes in a fraction of the time. This plan can take part two logs at once when two individuals are working on it.

One can place a log in the front, and the other individual can place one log in the back as the splitter moves from front to back.

They say time is money and this log splitter saves time by cutting wood the two different ways—simple plan, proficient, and simple to work.

The back tires on this machine make it simple for you to move it to any place where there is wood that should be cut.

12. Old Car Wood Splitter

Old Car Wood Splitter

An old destroyed vehicle with an acceptable motor can have a second life as a DIY wood splitter. This is the best way to utilize an old vehicle by reusing it into a homemade log splitter. Split even the greatest, hardest hardwood logs with this DIY log splitter plan.

Change a felled tree into a heap of ready to use kindling rapidly and productively with this old car wood splitter.

13. Cheap Log Splitter

Cheap Log Splitter

This log splitter plan will tell you the best way to construct a log splitter inexpensively. The splitter is healthy and useful, and you can use recycled parts to make them.

The engine is like an old cargo engine that fits as a fiddle, reused steel tubing, and I-radiates, and the other parts make up the principal segments of the DIY wood splitter.

There might be a few parts that you need to buy, but the cost is less.

Wrapping Up

Follow any of these log splitter plans according to your flexibility and use them to make a unique homemade log splitter.

If you need a log splitter plan to cut wood for this winter, you can use the above log splitter plans to create a homemade unique wood splitter.

Homemade log splitters are highly feasible, and that is why we recommend you use these DIY log splitter plans to create kindling for your home or your business.

Why spend lots of money on something you can make on your own with a little effort? Plus, it is fun to make something of your own!

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