Nail Gun vs Hammer: Know the Difference

Nail Gunner vs. Hammer: Know the Difference

Nail gunners and hammers are an advantageous invention that is as common in our daily lives as anything else. 

These tools certainly make life a lot easier by facilitating us doing household chores and other odd jobs over our free time. We will otherwise be needed to call experts or professionals—this way, they save us a lot of money.

These tools help us in doing a lot of DIY projects that we cannot make ourselves otherwise. Working with these tools also gives us a sense of satisfaction by letting us do our work and not depending on others for their assistance 

Hammers and gun nailers are both primarily used for putting nails in the wall for various purposes. These are even used in repairing tools and furniture and even the houses.

These tools are considered a must-have in every household, and one cannot sustain without them for a long time. 

For people who prefer to repair things independently and not call a professional and bear his charges for the same, having these tools is a must.

But there still loves an unsolved dilemma among the people when it comes to purchasing these tools. They happen to be unaware of which tool to use and which is most suitable for the job. They are unaware of which tool might be the best for them. 

The chances are that you fall in that category too. And it is not your fault. These tools are used interchangeably, and different people suggest different tools for the same purpose. This makes selecting the right one for you even more difficult.

So, this article about Nail gun vs hammer will help you know more about these two tools and select the best out of them for your job. Make sure to read it until the end to be better positioned to choose between the two and eventually help others choose between the two.

So, let us know the difference between nail gun vs hammer. Shall we?



These are handy tools present in most households in this world, if not all households. And it is not just the case now; it has been like this for ages now, ages that are hard to measure.

These tools have been used by humanity for millions of years. They were made from stones in the stone age, and that was replaced by metal in the later ages, but the science, the application, and reliability of the tool have not at all decreased. 

These tools were also used for protection against wild animals and for getting food. Like the dog, the hammer has been man’s best friend for ages. A hammer is a simple mechanical tool consisting of a heavy metal head that is used to hammer the nails into the surface with high force. The hammer’s metal head is attached to a wooden or metal rod which is held in hand. This simple design is also handy in dealing with nails. 

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  • Ergonomically designed anti-vibration handle offers extra comfort and non-slip gripping

What is even more impressive with hammers is the fact that they are two-faced. One is used to hammer the nails, and the second one is used to pull off the hammered nails from the walls and other surfaces if the nail is not in the right position or the right angle. So, you have the convenience of putting the nails on the surface and then pulling them out, if put wrongly, using the same tool.

 Now let us proceed with the “nail gun vs hammer” topic and look at some pros and cons of hammers( You will be able to have a more transparent look at the two tools and compare nail gun vs hammer more easily after getting to know their pros and cons). 


  • Hammers can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • The one benefit of hammers is that they are comparatively less bulky because of the hollow, light-weight handle. If the handle is made of wood, then the hammer is even more light.
  • Hammers are very dependable. This is because your strength is hammering the nail, and you do not need to rely on any other mechanism to make it work.
  • It is simple muscle power and nothing. Thus, hammers are more dependable.
  • You can decide the depth of the nail penetration accurately as you can see the level it has penetrated with each hammer.
  • As already mentioned, hammers do not come in only one form but have a lot of variety, and it is up to us to choose from.
  • We need to choose a hammer, depending on the task at hand. The variations can be in terms of handle length, the material used, weight, and the shape (You are not going to run out of options! That is for sure).
  • They are not at all costly and can be afforded by anyone. 


  • One significant disadvantage with hammers is that you must use both of your hands while using them.
  • One hand is used for hammering, and the other one is used for holding the nail in the right position. This is unsafe and might result in accidents in some situations.
  • When you hammer the nail, there is always a chance of the nail bending or going at the wrong angle. This might ruin the project, which needs precise work.
  • As you must use both hands, you might feel fatigued quite easily when using a hammer.
  • You are also needed to carry nails with you everywhere you wish to put nails. This might slow your pace at work.

Now let us discuss nail gunner to understand the comparison of nail gun vs hammer properly.

Nail Gunner

Nail Gunner

Nail gunner is a very sophisticated tool that has replaced hammers in a lot of operations. They are used as an alternative to hammers many times. This device’s popularity shows how science and technology have advanced and reduced our efforts in almost every field.

These tools are mostly used by professionals who must nail in hundreds and hundreds of spots in a single day.

Nail gunners or nailers throw nails at a very high speed and with a lot of pressure at the desired surface using a pressurized or electrical force. A chargeable lithium-ion battery generally powers this equipment.

Nail gunners shoot nails in a specified direction and do not result in bending of nails that happen more often while using a hammer. 

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  • Tool-free jam release mechanism for easy nail removal
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They are heavier and more costly than a hammer. This is because they are more technically advanced than a hammer. You do not need to move your hand physically while putting the nails.

It is a beneficial tool, especially when the project is massive and involves many nails. These heavy-duty projects can be done relatively quickly and efficiently with the help of nail gunners. They can come in both corded and cordless variants, and it is totally up to you which one to choose. 

A cordless nail gunner will help you to move the nailer freely and work anywhere you want to. It can be the right choice for a DIY project if you are willing to go upmarket and are fed up with your hammer.

Let us look at the pros and cons of nailers.


  • When using a nail gunner, you can get a potent force pushing the nails into the walls and all of that by just pushing a button.
  • You do not need to keep both of your hands busy using a nail gunner, as was the case with a hammer.
  • This means that your hand is the same from being smashed accidentally by a hammer (more reason to buy it!)
  • This machine’s power does not just make the job more comfortable, but it also helps you do the same task in a small amount of time.
  • This means that you will not have to engage in the work for very long, which reduces the chances of fatigue and helps you remain active. 


  • Nail gunners, because they are sophisticated machines, are way more expensive than a regular hammer.
  • These powerful tools are cumbersome. They are even more massive than a hammer, and it isn’t easy to hold it in the right position for putting the nails.
  • They do not just require muscle power but also require electricity, and therefore, if you are using it for a long, your electricity bill may hike up.
  • Because nail gunners run on electricity, they are prone to battery drains. This means you can only work with these machines up until they are charged.
  • After the charge has been exhausted, this is good as nothing for you.


Nail gunners and hammers may look different from each other but are used for the same purposes: to put nails in the walls.

The winner of a nail gunner vs. a hammer cannot be stated as one among them might be more suitable for some activities and, therefore, more desirable. The other might also be desirable for some other nature of task or situation.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time, you should choose a nail gunner without a doubt but if you need something less costly and lighter and want to do work with more precision, you should go with a hammer.

Which one will you choose in nail gun vs hammer?

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