Not All Townhomes are Created Equal


Moving to a townhome can be the perfect solution for maintaining independence during your retirement without the need to spend so much that it infringes on living comfortably. That said, for any style of home, including townhomes, a wide variety of styles and features are available to you. If you want to be sure you get the ideal build for your needs, the ultimate option is to work with a company that focuses on quality construction and offers custom options.

Gain the Best Privacy Options

The best way to learn about the level of privacy you’ll enjoy in your townhome is to ask your building company about the privacy options they offer. In particular, you’ll want to ask what privacy features the townhomes will include when you move in. You’ll also want to be sure that you can easily add any extra privacy options after you take residence in your new home with great decor.

Spacious Designs

The smaller the home you buy, the closer you’ll be to your neighbours. Gaining more space will allow you to gain more options for interior décor and feel more comfortable in your home. You can find a townhome builder that offers very spacious 40-foot-wideunits, giving you a layout similar to the width of most detached homes.

More Space Outside

You can also find a townhome that allows you to gain more space between your actual building and the one next to you. By working with a company that builds an extra-wide design, you’ll get a townhome with extra room for landscaping and privacy in rear gardens.

Consider Your Location

Inevitably, the location of the townhome you’ll own will factor into the level of privacy you can achieve. For example, if you work with home builders in Ridgeway, there’s less chance large buildings will surround your property as there might be if you bought a home in Toronto or any other large city.

Look for a townhome located in a small town, away from any highways or tall buildings, for the ideal area to live. For example, most bungalow townhomes that are part of an adult community offer rear yards that are quiet and peaceful.

Privacy Screens

A thick, sound dampening wall is one of the most useful features you can add to a townhome to heighten your sense of privacy and security. Party walls are solid concrete with extensive sound attenuation. If you want to be sure you don’t hear your neighbours, work with a company that includes solid insulated party walls. You should also look for a unit that comes with a covered terrace, spaced wide apart from other units and includes attractive screening.

Starting a conversation with your home builder is an excellent way to establish a relationship that will be useful throughout the construction of your new home. If you’re working with a custom home builder, there may be many features of your home that you’ll want to adjust to perfectly fit your needs. The best way to ensure you include everything you need for your home is to contact your home builder to discuss your needs and options. Get in touch today to learn more.

Sandy Jensen
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