Renovating Your Boat Over the Winter: 4 Priorities


When winter comes, boat owners dock their boats and take the time to repair and renovate them to ensure their boat is ready for the next sailing season.

Any renovation needs careful consideration and planning because the cost can escalate. Therefore, you should inspect the entire boat and assess which parts need repair and what areas you can renovate. In addition, you should consider access, equipment and supply storage, and places you can remove or enlarge to facilitate movement. If you do not make a plan, your renovations can be more time-consuming, challenging, and costlier.

To make it easier, here are some boat renovation tips.

1. Start with the minor project

After finalizing your plan and gathering the needed supplies and tools, ensure that the items are in an accessible container, which you can move effortlessly, so everything you need is within easy reach. Start with the smallest renovation project. It is better to start in the boat’s interior. For example, you might be replacing a broken mirror or fixing shelves, and starting small give you an idea of how to do things and get familiar with the tools. Ensure that you finish one project at a time.

  • Remove the grime and salt from the winches, and clean the engine compartment.
  • It is also important to clean, compound and wax the hull, and polish the aluminum rails and other hardware to remove oxidation.
  • You might need to install a new horn and replace worn-out gaskets in the leaky ports and hatches.

2. Check the boat deck

The wood deck is one of the busiest areas on a boat. Further, it is prone to wear and tear from the salty water, rain, the harsh rays of the sun, and foot traffic. Thus, the deck needs repair and resurfacing. Also, you may need to replace some worn or damaged parts or resurface the floor. Several non-skid coating products, such as Durabak Dock Paint, are effective for the boat’s dock and coating other surfaces.

3. Check the bedding

The boat bedding needs replacement every three years. The mattresses can quickly show wear and age, but the bedding often gets wet with moisture and humidity. As it ages, the bedding starts to lose its insulating ability. It loses its protection against the cold because it is often stored and unused for long periods. It is also time to check the mattress to see if there are tears or rips. Moreover, remove the blankets and bedspreads to check for water stains and damp spots. These items cause a mildew odor and should be washed or replaced.

4. Add more storage

Add more storage space to the boat by converting cupboards or lockers. Consider where you currently store items. You might be using cabinets for something else. Consider placing storage units where they will be useful and accessible. For example, place a storage unit for food items in the galley.

Renovations include doing the necessary replacement and repairs. Ensure you do the boat renovation efficiently by fixing only what needs repair, replacing broken items, and replacing or adding things that are essential to ensure your boat becomes a comfortable, safe, and seaworthy vessel.

Sandy Jensen
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