HP officejet 8702 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax. It is made to be a great helper for home tasks and office operation. This review will tell you what this printer looks like and what its main features are, so you can see if hp officejet pro 8702 is right for you.


This device is sleek-designed as most of the newer HP printers and its black body is made of plastic. Looking at the printer, you can see that hp officejet 8702 has:

  • a document feeder and flatbed scanner on the top;
  • the output bin for your produced pages right under the touch sensitive buttons near the 2.65″ touchscreen;
  • USB slot, tray for pages and power button in front.

As for its physical dimensions, hp officejet pro 8702 is pretty large, but size is a relative issue here. Precisely, it is approximately 20 inches by 16 inches and by 12 inches in height.


HP claims that the work capacity of the HP officejet 8702 is up to 30 thousand pages per month. But of course it is recommended not to reach this boundary point.

In terms of connecting your printer to devices, most people use built-in Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, you can connect hp officejet 8702 directly to a PC via a USB port or wire it right to the office network with the Ethernet cable.

If you want to print in black, it can give you up to 22 pages per minute in normal mode and up to 35 in draft one. In case you choose to add colors, you will receive up to 18 pages in 60 seconds.

Color photos obviously require color cartridges. The printer has 4 separate inks that can last 700-3000 pages. Although the prices of cartridges are often considered to be very expensive, Smart Ink offers you 100% compatible hp officejet 8702 ink with which cost per page can be reduced by half.

As it is a wireless device, once you connect your hp officejet 8702 to Wi-Fi, it will work from every device in this network. You can also download its own HP app and print from mobile devices and manage your printer.


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