Keeping your home clean and clutter-free is one of the best ways to invite positive vibes to your surroundings. A clean and organized home also leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. While deep cleaning your home once a year is a must, it is also essential to perform speed cleaning so that your home looks tidy and requires minimum maintenance and hence if required, it is best to leave it on professionals like Cleanzen Houston.

Speed cleaning is less time-consuming. When you perform speed cleaning regularly, your home doesn’t require a major cleaning. All you are required to do is to gather the essential cleaning tools by Vileda such as spray mop, cleaning mop, spin mop, dustpan, broom, scrub, mosquito fogger, and schedule your speed cleaning session. Here are some quick tips to consider while speed cleaning your home.

Pick up the clutter:

Clutter doesn’t require cleaning but decluttering. Before you pick up your tools and start cleaning your home, make sure to declutter all the mess that is looming around. You can set your timer for 10 minutes and pick up all the things that have been littering your living space for so long.

Pick up the toys scattered on the floor. Bundle the books together and keep them on the bookshelf. Put all the decorative accents in place, arrange the pillows and tablecloths. Declutter as much as you can.

Make the bed:

Beds usually have a lot of dust and dirt gathered on the mattress, pillows, and duvet. When you make your bed, you make sure to clean and dust off the bedding properly.

Change the sheets every three days and let the bed be clean and clutter-free. You can also ask your kids for assistance while making the beds. Making the bed also prevents bed bugs and mites from infesting your slumber zone.

Step into the kitchen:

One of the most abused places in your home is the kitchen. Speed Cleaning the kitchen is a must to keep it clean and dirt-free. Scrub the sink using liquid soap and Vileda scrub. Do away with all the spills by cleaning the kitchen countertop.

Dust out the cabinets of your modular kitchen with the help of a microfiber cloth. This cleaning cloth not only cleans the dust but also removes germs and bacteria present on the surface.

Clean the bathroom:

Your speed cleaning remains incomplete without cleaning the bathroom. Therefore, when you begin to clean your home, make it a point to clean the bathroom as well. You can use various bathroom cleaning tools such as a bathroom cleaner, toilet brush, scrub brush to clean all the dirt and grime from the surface.

Ensure to dry the floor properly and install a bathroom freshener so that your bathroom smells fresh every time you step inside.

Mop the floor:

Mopping the floors doesn’t have to be a tiresome project anymore. Thanks to the invention of the spin mops. Spin mops include a handle, a bucket, as well as a microfiber pad. Using this tool is very easy. Just attach the mopping pad with the handle and dank it into the bucket. Push the paddle to rinse excess water out of the mop.

You can now clean the floor with this mop and make it look sparkling as ever. Spin mops can be used to clean all kinds of floors. Just make sure to buy this cleaning tool from a reputed brand.


Choosing the right tools for speed cleaning makes the task easier. We hope you find the above-listed cleaning tips and instructions helpful. Get going with the cleaning spree now.


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