The best ways to keep your smartphone safe from hackers in 2022


These days, the vast majority of us are using our smartphone devices to conduct various aspects of our lives. Sadly, though, with modern-day society relying more and more on their miniature handheld devices to conduct banking queries and purchase products from online stores like eBay, cybercriminals have come out in force and are regularly compromising devices.

Despite many people being aware of the threat from online criminals, not everyone is paying enough attention to the ways in which they can stop them from stealing the personal information we all value so dearly. After all, online hackers are constantly looking at ways in which they can infiltrate someone’s mobile phone and steal their valuable information from there. It can happen to anyone, too. One minute you could be scrolling through Instagram or enjoying some gaming at a responsible casino; then, a few minutes later, you could open up a dangerous email and inadvertently download some harmful malware without realising. Alarmingly, it’s a crime that can happen to anyone, at any time.

In order to make things much harder for cybercriminals, though, there is a range of basic measures we can all take to keep our smartphones safe and more secure. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips to boost the security of your smartphone below.

Don’t give out your personal information

Ever received a text message from a bank and had doubts as to whether or not it’s actually your bank? Fact is, it could have easily been a scammer looking to obtain your personal details by posing as a bank. In order to guard against these types of attempts from online criminals, always contact the bank or business directly before handing over any personal information. Likewise, should you receive the same message but over email, then be sure to make the same sort of checks and contact the company directly before even considering sharing any personal details.

Keep everything updated

Thankfully, app developers and mobile phone manufacturers are fully aware of the issues surrounding cybercrime. As a result, they regularly release updates that offer additional features but also a range of new and improved security tools that help protect the user. From the apps you download to the operating system you use, always make sure everything on your device is up to date.

ImageUse a pin, pattern or password to lock your smartphone

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Another sure-fire way of keeping the hackers at bay is by making sure your smartphone is securely locked at all times with a pin, pattern or password. How to add such a mechanism varies depending on whether or not you’re an iOS or Android user, but it’s easy enough to implement and can make a massive difference to your smartphone’s overall security.

Only download applications from trusted stores

A common way people put their personal details at risk is by downloading products from untrusted sources. As such, it is vitally important that anything you download is through either Google Play or the App Store. Always read reviews, explore the ratings, and assess the authenticity of the app’s privacy policy, too.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Sometimes it’s entirely understandable if you need to use a coffee shop’s internet connection or access Netflix during a train journey with the onboard Wi-Fi many trains have, but they aren’t always safe and secure. In fact, hackers frequently look to compromise public Wi-Fi services like this and essentially wait for you to join the network before carrying out their shameful activities. With this in mind, only use public Wi-Fi if there is no other option.

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