The Most Effective Ways To “Do Your Bit” And Help End Animal Cruelty


Whether you are a self-proclaimed animal lover or merely want to help protect wildlife, feed squirrels, endangered animals, and our furry friends across the country (and indeed the world), the following article will highlight the most effective ways to end animal cruelty once and for all. Read on for more information.

Consider Turning Towards A Vegan Lifestyle

Becoming a vegan is universally considered and accepted to be one of the easiest, most beneficial, and quickest ways of doing your bit to end animal suffering and cruelty at the hands of humans.

There is a wide plethora of ways that eating only vegan-friendly food—such as that served at the established and renowned group of restaurants at the Camp Costa Mesa—can help save the lives of the millions of animals that are treated cruelly and slaughtered daily. Some examples include, but are categorically in no way limited to:

  • The recognition and acknowledgement that animals are not the property of human beings, and the rights they have as living beings
  • The reduced demand for make-up, beauty products, and toiletries that are tested on animals
  • The reduction in candy sales that are made from gelatin
  • The lower demand for meat products, resulting in fewer cattle being bred for human consumption

Volunteer At A Local Animal Rescue Centre

Heartbreakingly, millions of animals are abandoned or discovered in horrific conditions every single day across the length and breadth of the United States.

If you have free time—perhaps at the weekends or maybe one or two days after work—giving your time to help care for, feed, and (where applicable) walk the various animals that have been abandoned or rescued by your local center is a fantastic way of making a difference.

Furthermore, the love, trust, and respect you receive from an animal who you adopt yourself from a local rescue are significantly more heart-warming, stronger, and far more meaningful than buying a puppy, bunny, or kitten from a breeder and keeping them in your enclosed patio.

Source Your New Animal Responsibly

If you insist on purchasing your pet from a breeder rather than rescuing an animal, it is absolutely vital that you avoid puppy, kitten, and rabbit farms at all costs.

The mother is kept in appalling conditions and is basically fed the bare minimum in order to carry and give birth to multiple litters. The fact that such places and people are still able to operate is simply unthinkable and unacceptable.

Donate To Reputable Causes And Charities

As well as donating your valuable time to the care of animals in your local rescue center, donating what money you can to established and official companies and charities who are dedicated to stopping the cruelty and slaughter of animals is one of the most effective ways to actively help in ending the practice.

There are a multitude of companies—as well as online websites and newspapers and magazines—that are dedicated to informing the general public of exactly what goes on, and where is best to donate money to help.

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