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Tips for Choosing the Best Wood Floor Mop


When it involves cleaning wood floors, you should always choose your cleaning tools properly. You can’t just use any cleaning tools or methods for cleaning your wood floor because some of them can be harmful to wood.

Unfortunately, these cleaning tools and methods when used for a long time can also damage the wood floor, meaning they can significantly reduce the lifespan of the wood floor. This is the reason why you need to take extra precautions when it comes to cleaning your wood floor so that it can look nice and lasts for a long time. This post explains some of the tips for choosing the best wood floor mop.

Microfiber mops

No doubt, a microfiber mop is one of the best mops you can ever use on your wood floor. This is because this mop has material that offers a huge ability to get and retain dirt particles and liquids.

Even better, it doesn’t scratch the wood floor and it has a surface area suitable for wood flooring. The microfiber mops are washable and durable. You can use them for light cleaning tasks as they have high absorption power of debris and dust.

Above all, microfiber mops don’t need extra equipment, such as a bucket while cleaning. Besides this, they are lightweight to make the cleaning process pretty hustle free for you. The microfiber mop is also considered to be very durable and is specifically designed for laundering.

Conventional dust mops

Conventional dust mops are a great option for sweeping out dust and soil particles from your wood flooring especially from the fence gate which are quite hard to clean. These mops are made up of synthetic fiber and cotton, which gives them their effectiveness.

Also, they are laudable and durable, so you can use them more than once. However, the conventional dust mop is not ideal for wet mopping. Instead, it’s a good tool to get rid of dirt and dust on the wood floors.

Spin mops

Keep in mind that water can harm your wood floor. Therefore, you can utilize spin mops that are designed to remove the excess water by making sure that they are well-ringed.

You can find a spin mop head material with has a microfiber that is both soft and very absorbent. It also comes with a specific bucket to make it easy when squeezing. These mops usually use centrifugal force to remove excess water and also allow you to perform tasks in a small area at a time.

Steam mops

A steam mop is another alternative way you can clean your wood floor effectively. This mop can clean using the power of heat and water. They are excellent because they clean and disinfect the wood floor with the heat that comes from the stream. It can be ideal for enclosed deck.

Best of all, steam mops utilize little water, and you don’t need to worry about water damage on the wood floor. But you have to use an electrical outlet if you decide to use this equipment for cleaning purposes. Aside from this, they have a long cord to make it easy to clean your wood floor.


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