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How Do I Keep My Inflatables from Blowing Over?

How Do I Keep My Inflatables from Blowing Over?

Setting up inflatable decorations right before Christmas, Halloween, a birthday party, or a theme party is an extremely exciting and fun task. Every year, people get together with their loved ones to decorate their homes, make new memories, continue traditions, and make new ones. Outdoor decor is the perfect way to get everyone in the neighborhood in festive spirits until a strong gust of wind takes your inflatables away.

One of the most common and significant challenges inflatable owners face is keeping these delightful decorations from blowing over in windy conditions. While having your inflatables blown over by the wind is sad, having your customized Christmas decorations get lost is so much worse because they are expensive and hold emotional and personal significance.

Spend a little time securing those sparkling and gorgeous inflatables to remain stress-free throughout the festivities.

How to Keep Your Inflatables from Blowing Away

How to Keep Your Inflatables from Blowing Away

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that your inflatables don’t get abducted or toppled over by the wind.

1. Choose the Right Location

It is important to select an appropriate location when setting up inflatable decorations. Consider the following factors:

  • Sheltered Areas: Whenever possible, place your inflatables in sheltered or partially enclosed areas. This can help shield them from strong winds.
  • Secure Ground: Opt for a flat and stable surface, such as a lawn, where you can easily secure the inflatables. Avoid placing them on slopes or uneven terrain.
  • Barriers: You can set up your inflatables against the bushes or a fence that will block the wind.

2. Stake Them

Stakes are not only good for defeating real vampires, but they are also good at defeating strong winds from blowing away your inflatable decor vampires. A lot of inflatables come with anchor rings sewn into them. Look for these anchor rings and use the tether to attach the decoration to ground stakes that have been firmly driven into the ground. You can use tent pegs if you cannot find stakes. If your inflatable does not have anchor rings, wrap a short piece of rope around the inflatable’s center and loop it around the stake.

3. Use Tethers

Using tethers like rope or twine to secure your inflatable to a tree, fence post, or railing is another option to keep your inflatables from blowing over. Use a strong rope to prevent ripping or tearing on the bark if you attach your decoration to a tree. Also, ensure the tree is far enough away from the inflatable for the bark not to damage it. Wrap the twine around the inflatable’s center, and then secure the rope’s ends to your anchoring point.

4. Use Weights

Weighing down your inflatable decorations using sand gravel bags or even jugs of water is another way to keep them in place. Use the tether line or additional rope to secure the bag to the inflatable decoration. To keep your inflatable steady during heavy gusts, use multiple weights and anchor it multiple times from different angles. You can also just put sandbags inside your inflatable if they have an opening. Make sure you tie the sandbags to the inflatable first.

5. Deflate at Night

It’s simple to deflate your inflatables before bed, and it’s a terrific method to prevent them from floating away while you sleep. To deflate your inflatable, unplug the power line from the power source. You can enjoy the decoration when you’re awake and save electricity by doing this at night.

Damage Control and Shopping

Damage Control and Shopping

While having your inflatables blown over by the wind is sad, having your customized and unique holiday yard decor get lost is so much worse because they are expensive and carry deep emotional and personal significance.

The quality of your inflatable decorations matters. Higher-quality inflatables are often designed with durability and stability in mind. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for inflatables.

1. Check Material Quality

Look for inflatables made from sturdy and durable materials. Thick, puncture-resistant fabric can help prevent damage in windy conditions.

2. Reinforced Seams

The seams of an inflatable are vulnerable areas that can tear due to the wind. Inflatables with reinforced seams are less likely to tear or deflate in strong winds. Reinforced seams usually have multiple stitching or strong bonded seams.

3. Built-in Tethers

Some high-quality inflatables are designed with built-in tethers or anchor points. These built-in features provide a convenient and secure means of attaching the inflatable to the ground or other anchoring points. When shopping for inflatables, consider those equipped with these built-in tethers. They make it easier to ensure the inflatable remains grounded even during windy conditions.

4. Weighted Bases

Consider buying inflatables with weighted bases, which can provide additional stability without the need for extra anchors.


Inflatable decorations can add vibrancy and joy to various occasions, but keeping them from blowing over in windy conditions requires careful planning and execution. By choosing the right location and using proper anchoring techniques, you can ensure that your inflatables stay upright, safe, and ready for the festivities and celebrations.

With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your inflatable decorations without worrying about them blowing over. You can significantly lower the damage caused in case your inflatables do get blown over by buying high-quality inflatables that have preventative and protective features.

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