Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Locking Mailbox


An attractive mailbox is an easy way to freshen up the look of your front yard. But is yours lockable?

This has several practical benefits, but it is something that many homeowners tend to overlook. So keep reading to discover the top 5 reasons to invest in a locking mailbox.

They Allow You A Measure Of Privacy

We don’t like to think about it, but the reality is that some of our neighbors can be a bit nosy at times. They may not have any malicious intent, but these nosy neighbors don’t always respect your boundaries.

We understand that you value your privacy, and may not want people outside your household to have access to your mail. So if this is a concern for you, consider investing in a locking mailbox to keep prying eyes and hands off your mail.

Locking mailboxes are an attractive, instant, and effective measure to stop those curious neighbors from looking at other people’s mail. And this will preserve the peace and harmony in your neighborhood.

They Can Hold More Mail

Do you run a small business from home that receives a lot of mail? Will you be away from home for long periods?

If you answered yes to either of these two questions, you may have lots of mail to deal with when you get to your mailbox. And you have probably had to deal with mail loss due to its falling out of your overstuffed mailbox at times. Increased mail storage will be of great benefit to you.

One of the signs that potential thieves look for when casing a neighborhood, is an overstuffed mailbox and parcels sitting out on the porch. It tells them that you may be away on vacation. But there is a simple solution to this problem.

Locking mailboxes are not only safer and more secure, but they are also able to hold more mail. This is because they are designed to have a holding area for deliveries and can hold more mail than an average residential mailbox.

So put an end to overstuffed mailboxes, mail loss, and deliveries sitting on your porch attracting thieves while you are away.

They Keep Your Mail Safe

Every neighborhood has at least one prankster. Usually, these are local kids who are bored and looking for some fun. But the neighborhood’s mailboxes are often the target of these unwanted pranks, and this can lead to your mail being damaged or misplaced.

Sure, we all enjoy a good prank at times. And local kids who pull these pranks are probably not trying to cause any damage. But unfortunately, their antics are not all that funny when it compromises your mail. So curb your troubles without curbing their enthusiasm.

Simply install a locking mailbox to avoid any problems. A locking mailbox keeps your mail safe by preventing any unauthorized tampering with your mailbox.

They Protect You Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a sad reality of our modern lifestyles. And it is your responsibility to protect yourself from this type of crime as far as possible. One of the easiest ways to safeguard your identity is by preventing unauthorized access to your mail.

Your mail often contains sensitive information such as social security numbers, banking details, or credit card information. Unscrupulous thieves may attempt to steal your mail to perpetrate financial fraud using your identity.

But the solution to this is very simple. Install a locking mailbox and you will stop identity thieves in their tracks.

They Are More Secure

Do you live in a freestanding house in an area prone to severe storms or very strong wind? Is your home situated in a more rural area inhabited by mischievous little woodland creatures?

Bad weather is the enemy of your mailbox. How many times has your mailbox flap ripped open in the wind? But another enemy of your mail is the curiosity of neighboring small animals. They often target trashcans and mailboxes when running amok.

We know that you are tired of having to walk up and down the street collecting your mail that has been strewn about. A locking mailbox will put an end to your misery.

Consider your unique living conditions to choose the best locking mailbox for your needs. And show the weather (and pesky little critters) who’s boss by installing a sturdy, weather-proof, locking mailbox. A locking mailbox keeps your mail in your mailbox, where it belongs, even in very windy weather.

Sandy Jensen
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