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Top Ways to Get Rid of Common Furniture Beetles at Home


So, you want to eliminate the furniture beetles that are drilling holes and trickling dust everywhere in your cabinets, walls or couch? Well, these beetles typically dig random tunnels that can essentially destroy the natural appearance of your furniture including your expensive luxurious wooden gate designs.

If you have come across these annoying pests in your house, the high chances are that you want to eliminate them as soon as possible to avoid severe damages. Luckily, there are several methods you can use to control these pests. Read on to find out more about the tips you can incorporate.

Avoid Ignoring the Signs

Keep in mind that furniture beetles are specialists at chewing away wooden structures, and the worst thing is that they don’t clean their messes. So, you’ll truly come across heaps of wood dust on the infested areas.

Therefore, whenever you come across this common sign, then you’re sure that you have got furniture beetle infestation in your house. Remember, besides these pests attacking tables and chairs, they also damage window posts and doors.

Do not disregard the signs whenever you notice them. Instead, go around your house and look for other sections like open fields especially the topsoil where the pests might be present.

Remove the Infested Furniture

Remove the tables, cabinets and chairs infested by the furniture beetles. If you do so, you’ll significantly lower the number of beetles in the house. Additionally, you will have sufficient time to focus on disinfecting fixed structures, such as window posts and doors. After that, you can start fumigating the removed furniture after eliminating the furniture beetles from your house.

Treat the Woods

Whether active or not, it’s essential to treat the woods if you want to control the pests. Removing the affected furniture may not work if the beetles are still active as they might have spread to other parts. Generally, treating woods will essentially kill the beetles and avoid future infestation.

However, it’s advisable to pick the treatment product wisely to make sure you treat and avert imminent pest attack. You should make sure that you apply the chemical to all visible wood parts for optimal effectiveness.

Dehumidify the House

Furniture beetles aren’t only after wood; they also love moist and humid conditions. So, a simple way to get rid of the furniture beetles may involve dehumidifying your house. The less the humidity in the home, the fewer the beetles.

Although this isn’t the most effective way to eliminate beetles from your premises because it takes time, it’s essential to note that it perfectly works as an alternative. Therefore, consider opening the windows and turning on your fans to reduce moisture and improve airflow.

Get the Help of a Professional Pest Control Company

If you’ve overlooked the infestation by these annoying furniture beetle for some period and the situation has become unmanageable, the best move to undertake is to hire a skillful pest control service like Terminix. Upon getting to your house, a professional company will take a comprehensive look around your wooden structures, evaluate the damaged caused by the beetles and ultimately determine the best method to use to control the bugs.

If the attack is terrible, you may be asked to vacate the premises for a couple of days to give room for a thorough fumigation process. Now, if you are not aware about the best places to get a professional fumigation company, click here to find the one that suits you best.

Use Garlic-Based Pesticide

One of the surest ways to eliminate furniture beetles is to use a pesticide made from garlic. While garlic offers several health benefits to humans, it is hazardous and offensive to most pests. Besides, garlic is ideal to use in your house, especially if you have kids and pets because it’s non-toxic.

Well, the best news is that you can easily prepare a garlic-based pesticide straight from your house. You only need to have a spray bottle, garlic and water. In addition, you can spice up this mixture by adding some chili. Although garlic powder works perfectly, it’s recommended to use the raw garlic.

The garlic’s scent is incredibly strong such that it irritates and kills the furniture beetles. The added chili spices up things by increasing the burning sensation and making life intolerable for these bugs.

Keep in mind that while the garlic-based pesticide kills both male and female furniture bugs, it may not kill the eggs unless it’s sufficiently concentrated.


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