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True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheel Barrow Review: A Durable, Reliable Option

True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow Review

Are you someone who loves to take up small projects in your yard? It is the time of the year when you take up these projects and roam around the local gardening centers looking for ideas and equipment to complete your projects.

You might agree that a 4 four cubic foot wheelbarrow is not enough for carrying the heavy dirt and rocks if you are relating to this.

A 6 cubic foot steel wheelbarrow might help you with this heavy-duty work. Let us look at some of its models and reviews of this equipment.

True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheel Barrow

True Temper 6 cubic foot Steel Wheelbarrow

True Steel Wheelbarrow has six cubic Ft. steel tray capacity and comes with single and dual wheel choices. Considered heavy-duty work, it provides years of hassle-free and long-lasting service.

Special Features

  • Comes with 6 cubic feet steel tray Capacity.
  • Rugged steel handles
  • Single wheeled
  • Provides years of trouble-free service.
  • Flat-free tires
True Temper R6STSP25 Never Flat Tire Steel Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Foot
  • 6 cubic foot steel tray
  • Steel handles
  • Comfort end grips for less fatigue
  • Single wheel
  • Flat-free tire never needs air

Why Should you invest in a True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow?

True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow comes in two models- one-wheeled and two-wheeled. Also, there are two choices in tray types- Plastic and Steel.

These models are sturdily built and designed to provide years of service. Its 6 Cubic Foot capacity is among the largest offered in wheelbarrow models. It can handle any stuff from stones, gravel, and dirt to mulch, firewood, and much more.

The rigid, rugged steel handles provide comfortable grips, and the heavy-duty undercarriage with seamless steel trays stands up to rigorous use. You always get smooth with never-flat tires that will never need inflating and will keep you away from buying a replacement every few years due to rotor wear.

Irrespective of whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial landscaping business, this is a great product to help you deal with your heavy-duty work and help get heavy loads from one place to another.

Since it is one-wheeled, it does require some strength to lift and move, but it can also be converted to two wheels with an optional kit for additional stability.  

In detail, let us understand True Temper Wheelbarrow’s various features and look at its reviews to determine if it is the right one for you.


  • Easy, straightforward assembly
  • Low maintenance flat-free tires and steel handles
  • Smooth movement and well balanced


  • It is challenging to lift with a full load.
  • It can rust if not stored properly.
  • Heavy loads might tip off balance.

Features and Benefits.

True Temper Wheelbarrow

If kept with proper care, your first bought wheelbarrow can be the last you will ever buy. It has various durable features, making it suitable for any weather, and it can haul anything and everything you put into it. These features make them perfect for contractual work.

Let us look at some of these features in detail.

6 Cubic Foot Steel Tray

This is like the perfect size one would want for a wheelbarrow. With a capacity of a 6 cubic foot steel tray, you can carry a fair amount of stuff. The steel construction is especially an added benefit as the plastic may become brittle over time. Although it may rust in wet conditions, the outside storage must include tipping it up to avoid water accumulation after in it for an extended period.

Flat Free Tires

This feature needs special attention. Air-filled tires are not durable enough to withstand the high pressure of constant wheelbarrow loads and movements.

Such tires require regular replacement and are not long-lasting. On the other hand, Flat Free tires save our time and a heck of a lot of money in the long period of use. This 15″ tire size comes with an 8 inch inside measurement and additional tires for dual conversion.

Sloped Curved Font

A sloped, curved front allows easy dumping and spreading of contents. It is convenient and makes tipping up and unloading into an area very convenient. With straight sides of the wheelbarrow, there are more chances of spilling it out in the spaces. But with the curved front, you can get it more pointed at where your load needs to go.

Conversion Ability

If a single tire is concerning stability and is becoming problematic for you, this model comes with an option to convert it into a dual wheelbarrow. Although single tire design provides a higher degree of turning, two wheels in a wheelbarrow prevent tipping during loading and provide more excellent stability but may require a bit more lift moving them.

Heavy-Duty Undercarriage

The thick steel tray prevents rusting and keeps the area connecting the hardware to the handles from loosening over time. It also prevents the heavy loads from causing any warping from occurring. This becomes a significant perk if you use a wheelbarrow to haul dirt, stones, or rocks.

Steel Handles

With steel handles, you do not have to worry about moisture sapping that usually occurs with wooden handles, leaving them splintered, brittle and a general hazard. It also protects against dents and nicks.

Single Tire

No doubt, dual tires provide higher stability, and single tires provide higher maneuverability. However, you need some upper body strength to lift the handles evenly and maintain the balance to avoid tipping over the wheelbarrow while turning. A single-wheeled wheelbarrow can easily make tight turns into smaller areas, making it ideal for use in tight quarters.

Comfort End Grips

This great feature provides both cushioning and grip against the smooth steel handles. Whether you are wearing gloves or not, your hand will not slip from this durable rubber coating.

It is weather well and does not crack or dry out. It can handle freezing temperatures without becoming brittle.

Customer Reviews

As per my opinion, True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow deservers a good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It is durable, has a deep tray, steel design, and can convert to a dual wheel system. If you own a garden or a backyard, this product can prove to be very useful for you daily.

Public reviews are along the same lines as well. Most of the positive reviews revolve around its excellent features.

Flat-free tires, steel handles, steel tub, and excellent durability are some of the features getting the most attention. It is easy to assemble and damage-proof.

Negative reviews are very few but are mostly related to its heavyweight when fully loaded. Once full, this dual-wheel system becomes too heavy to maneuver well.

Best True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheel Barrow Alternatives

Ames Steel Wheelbarrow

Ames Steel Wheelbarrow is manufactured by the same company that produces True Temper products. This model is, therefore, very similar in nature to the true temper steel wheelbarrow. It is popular for its durability and deep tray.

Special Features

  • Tough steel handles with excellent grip
  • Low maintenance flat-free tires
  • Heavy duty undercarriage for rigorous use
  • 6 cubic feet capacity
  • Provides easy dumping and spreading of contents with sloped and curved fronts.
  • Sturdy built made for years of service.
The AMES Companies, Inc R625 True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow, 6-Cubic Foot, Gray
  • 6 cubic foot steel tray
  • Hardwood handles
  • Tubed tire
  • Engineered to withstand heavy use

Jackson Steel Tray Wheelbarrow

Jackson Steel Tray Wheelbarrow has many features like our reviewed product. It has a good 6 cu. Ft. design and thick steel tray. It also has additional bracing, stabilizing the load and making it easy to tip up for unloading.

However, it has wooden handles without any grip, nor does it have a flat free tire. It is best suited for less heavy work than what you may think you can use it for. Overall, it seems to be a well-built and durable product.

Special Features

  • Has six cubic feet capacity.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty steel tray.
  • 40% more tip-resistant with patented leg stabilizers
  • Comes with 16- inch tube tire.
  • 60- inch heavy duty wooden handles

Worx Aerocrat Wheelbarrow

Worx Aerocrat Wheelbarrow has a three cu. Ft. tray that can hold 300 pounds of material. It is very versatile and can convert into a dolly or wagon for multiple uses. It is highly maneuverable with an ergonomic lift system, which lightens the stress of lifting.

It can lift a fair amount of load, but as mentioned, it has a three cu. Ft. capacity, so if anyone wants to haul an enormous load, it should preferably need a different design.

Special Features

  • has a smart design with innovative two-wheel replacement.
  • Flat-free, rugged tires are giving you a smooth ride.
  • Cost-effective.
  • long-lasting
Worx WG050 8-in-1 Aerocart Garden Cart/Wheelbarrow Heavy Duty/Dolly
  • LIFT 200 LBS. LIKE LIFTING 17 LBS.: Move mountains with ease. Engineered for balance, the Aerocart's...
  • HANDLE HEAVY-DUTY LOADS UP TO 300 LBS.: With the Aerocart, handle heavy-duty yard projects...
  • INDEPENDENCE IN EVERY TASK: The Aerocart garden cart turns daunting two or three-person tasks into...
  • 8-IN-1 VERSATILITY: Adapt to any task effortlessly. From heavy-duty wheelbarrow to yard cart, bag...
  • SMART 2-WHEEL DESIGN: The Aerocart's innovative design guarantees optimal balance. Its clever...


This True Temper 6 Cubic Ft. steel wheelbarrow is tough, durable, and can last for long times. Build for heavy loads, and this product can carry a significant quantity of load.

It can be easily converted to a dual wheel system with the additional kit for added stability to be used by people of different stature.

This product is excellent for all kinds of heavy-duty work that needs to be done around your place.

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