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Turning Your Backyard into the Perfect Summertime Doggy Playground


As much as we love our favorite pooches, it can’t be denied that most dogs are insatiable bundles of energy. While going for walks and engaging in play sessions with our canines are fantastic sources of fun, dogs also need solo outlets for burning off excessive stamina. Fortunately, with summertime right around the corner, man’s best friend will have ample opportunities for outdoor play. However, if you expect your pooch to entertain itself, you’ll need to provide them with the proper play space. Dog owners with yard space to spare should consider making the following canine-friendly improvements in advance of summer.

Resilient Fencing

Resilient fencing is essential for dog owners who want to let pooch outside without a leash. Fencing in your backyard will help ensure that your dog doesn’t run off, which is conducive to both the safety of your favorite canine and your neighbors. When dogs are able to fly the coop, they run the risk of being hit by vehicles, preyed upon by other animals and getting picked up by animal control. Fortunately, outfitting your backyard with hard-to-scale fencing can dramatically reduce the risk of your pooch making a break for it and help prevent unwelcome third parties from making their way onto your property. If you lack the bandwidth or experience to put up fencing, just hop online and search for “fence company near me”.

Of course, fencing by itself shouldn’t be regarded as an end-all solution to doggy jailbreaks. Since dogs are natural diggers, some canines escape their yards by tunneling under fences. In the interest of preventing this, bury chicken wire at the base of the fence and position large partially-buried rocks along the bottom of the fence line. While these precautions aren’t guaranteed to stop 100% of attempted escapes, they should thwart the vast majority of tunneling-related breakouts.

When shopping around for the right fencing, height should be among the most important factors to consider. Many canines are adept at jumping – particularly if they have a running start – so make sure the fencing is tall enough that your dog won’t be able to scale it. Additionally, once the fencing is in place, make a point of removing any potential climbing aids.

Doggy Pools

You’d be hard-pressed to find a canine that doesn’t enjoy a good dip – particularly on a hot summer day. By investing in a good doggy pool, you can provide your best friend with the perfect cool-off spot right in the comfort of its own backyard. As the name suggests, doggy pools are essentially kiddy pools designed with dogs in mind. While they may not be spacious enough for most dogs to swim around in, they’re the ideal spots for splashing around. If the doggy pools you’re looking at seem prohibitively expensive, a regular portable pool should work just as well and prove considerably less draining on your finances. When filling these pools, make sure that the water is at a safe height and that your pooch will never be fully submerged.


As previously established, dogs love to dig. They love it so much, in fact, that if left to their own devices, they may turn your well-kept yard into a collection of holes. To provide your pooch with the perfect outlet for these urges and keep your lawn intact, place a sandbox in your backyard. This will ensure that your dog has a safe space to burn off its excess energy and indulge its natural urges without causing damage to its surroundings. Of course, since getting sand out of interior flooring can be a royal pain, you may want to hose off your pooch’s feet before letting it back inside after each sandbox play session.

In order to lead happy, healthy lifestyles, many dogs require a fair amount of exercise. While taking them for walks and playing with them on a regular basis are great ways to wear our pooches out, having a designated doggy recreation area can provide them with the perfect place to burn off excess energy. So, if your best friend enjoys spending time outdoors, the onset of summer is the ideal time to start converting your backyard into a canine playground.

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