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14 Amazing Water Feature Ideas for An Aesthetic Garden

14 Water Feature Ideas for An Aesthetic Appeal

Having a beautiful water feature at any place can completely transform its looks. Not only that, but water features also add a sense of calm to the area.

The sound of trickling water can help soothe your soul and can even help you in meditation.

So, if you are looking to install a water feature in your backyard to make it more aesthetically pleasing or want to enhance the look of your office space with a small water fountain, then you must have looked for one online.

But if you are not pleased with the design of all the water features online and want something unique, then we have got you covered.

In this article, we have included 14 unique DIY/purchasable water feature ideas that you can easily make on your own and completely transform any space’s look and feel.

Unique DIY Water Feature Ideas

1. Basin with Pebbles and A Bamboo Faucet

Basin with Pebbles and A Bamboo Faucet

This small and compact DIY water feature is an excellent choice if you want something to put on some table, like your office table, your living room table, or your kitchen island.

This DIY water feature idea is straightforward to make and requires minimal resources. Like pebbles and bamboo, most of the parts can be easily acquired naturally, free of cost.

2. Flowerpot Water Features

Flowerpot Water Feature

Unused flowerpots can be found lying around easily in any home with a backyard. And now they can be put to fair use!

This simple DIY water fountain is perfect for giving your backyard a look upgrade. The use of flowerpots means it will seamlessly blend in with all the plants in your backyard. It is also super simple to make, having only 15 minutes of DIY time!

3. Stone Pond and Fountain

Stone Pond and Fountain

This DIY water feature idea for your backyard is a bit on the harder side to make, requiring the use of tools and different materials. But if you have got that craftsmanship skill, then this water feature will accentuate your backyard’s look by many folds.

Even if you are not so good with tools, you can still do it with clear instructions provided on the source website. The most cost consuming part of this water feature is the stone, so if you can get the stone for free somehow, you will lower the whole project’s cost significantly.

4. Urn Fountain

Urn Fountain

Urns feel like something from a magical world, and having a water fountain made from an urn can be a great way of giving your backyard a mystical look.

This elegant water feature idea for a garden or a backyard will look good in any garden. If you have two urns, you can even make two fountains and place them symmetrically to make it look even better. Although, make sure that the urns you use will not deteriorate if kept outdoor.

5. Windowpane Falling Water Fountain

Windowpane Falling Water Fountain

This falling water window fountain must be one of the unique water feature ideas on this list, simply because of the way it looks. The multiple water streams that fall from the top makes it look like a glass window, with the only difference being you can put your hand through this one.

Have a light installed at the bottom of this window, and it will merely make your backyard look magical at night. You can also make multiple such falling water windows and place them around an outdoor sitting area to make space feel more private.

6. Wooden Barrel Water Feature

Wooden Barrel Water Feature

If you want to add a touch of a rustic feeling to your backyard or garden, then this purchasable wooden barrel water feature can be an excellent choice.

The unique two-tier wooden barrel design of this water fountain is something that stands out. The materials used on this fountain, the wood and the metal on the faucet, are all very high quality. The price of this fountain is also very reasonable.

7. Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain

Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain

This one-of-a-kind water fountain is something you should get installed in your backyard if you get many birds coming over. The unique multi-tiered design, with a bird bathtub at the bottom, will help uplift your garden’s aesthetic.

The best part about this fountain is that it’s solar-powered, meaning you can install it anywhere in your gardens without having to worry about it being close to a power outlet. Also, the solar power panel and generator are included with the fountain.

8. Disappearing Water Fountain

Disappearing Water Fountain

If you want an elegant water fountain but don’t want an exposed water basin, this underground disappearing water feature idea will work correctly.

This water feature is for people who want their fountains to be silent and not make that noise that water makes when it hits the basin. It is also a safer choice if you have pets and kids.

9. Pond and Waterfall

Pond and Waterfall

Having a pond in your backyard can drastically change the look and feel of it. However, getting a pond professionally installed can be extremely expensive.

But, if you do it on your own using these DIY instructions, you can get a pond in your backyard at a significantly lower price, and it will look just as beautiful.

10. Artesian Fountain

Artesian Fountain

If, rather than an artificial pond, you want a more natural-looking fountain water feature, then this DIY Artesian Fountain water feature idea might interest you.

This fountain looks like a small waterfall flowing into a small river and gives a very pleasing look to your backyard. Also, even though it might look very complicated, it is surprisingly easy to construct.

11. Tea Pot Fountain with Wooden Barrel Basin

Tea Pot Fountain with Wooden Barrel Basin

This is another unique water feature idea that can be made using an unused item in your home. For this one, you will need an unused teapot and a barrel. Both of these items can be found easily.

The water fountain is also simple to construct. The instructions on this DIY project are laid down and clear. Since this water feature is tall, it will look good if placed between small flowering plants in your backyard and uplift your garden’s overall look.

12. Quirky Wheelbarrow Waterfall DIY Project

Quirky Wheelbarrow Waterfall (DIY Project Source)

Do you have an old wheelbarrow that is just lying around because its wheels are rusted up, and the structure is almost falling apart? If you do, then don’t throw it away just yet. Not before you look at this unique and creative wheelbarrow water feature idea.

This fantastic water fountain idea looks incredibly natural, almost as if the water feature developed independently.

This is extremely simple to build. All you must do is place the wheelbarrow with stones as shown in the picture, and add a pump under those rocks in the wheelbarrow and voila! You have your wheelbarrow water fountain!

13. Stacked Stones Water Feature

Stacked Stones Water Feature

There is nothing to argue about the fact that stacked stones look exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. But how do you stack so many uneven stones together and make a fountain out of it?

The answer is by drilling. And yes, you are right, you will need one mighty drilling machine to drill holes through stones.

But suppose you can get a powerful drilling machine and other mentioned resources in the DIY instructions required to make this water fountain. In that case, you will be able to make a unique and modern looking water feature for your backyard.

14. Water Garden

Water Garden

Finally, we have something for you that you will not find in many places. This is something very few people talk about when it comes to water feature ideas. However, it is one of the best solutions if you do not have a backyard and want to have a water feature on your patio or inside of a home.

It is a miniature garden growing on water, inside a box. The best thing about this water feature is that you can modify it according to the space you have by varying the box’s size or making multiple different sized water gardens.

Making this water feature is super easy, and it will add extra character to your balcony or patio area.

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With a background in Engineering from Stanford University, Madison Hall brings a unique perspective to the DIY world. With 15 years of experience in both engineering and DIY projects, she started contributing to our website in 2022. Her approach combines technical knowledge with experience, making her articles informative and accessible. Before joining us, Madison worked in a leading engineering firm focusing on sustainable building practices. She enjoys woodworking and exploring the latest tech gadgets in her leisure time.

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