What Is A Solar Audit, And Why Does Your Home Need One?

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Warmer temperatures around the globe have resulted in a disruption in weather patterns and nature’s balance. Climate change has resulted in extreme effects such as severe storms, increased drought, reduced food availability, increased health risks, and even poverty and displacement. Additionally, the hot temperatures have also posed a risk of the loss of some species. These effects are a threat to most living things, especially to humankind and animals.

One of the causes of climate change is global emissions from burning fuels to generate power. Therefore, to save the world from climate change’s effects, you can make a change and power your home using solar power. You’ll need the service of professionals like Smart Solar Energy solar installation services. However, their role in you switching to smart energy doesn’t end there. You will also need them for your regular solar audit.

So, what is a solar audit? This article defines a solar audit and explains why your home needs it. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Solar Audit?

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A solar audit is the first thing you do when you decide to use solar energy in your home. A solar audit is an assessment that involves checking whether your roof can support solar power, determining how much money you’ll save by switching to green energy, and how much energy your solar cells should generate. Using the information from the audit, you can get a custom-designed solar system suitable for your home.

There are two ways to conduct a solar audit; do-it-yourself or hire a professional. However, the latter is preferred because of the skills and experience that help make informed decisions.

Now that you have a better understanding of solar audit, you can proceed to learn why your home needs it.

Reasons Your Home Needs A Solar Audit

Here are some reasons that explain the importance of a solar audit in your home:

1. To Determine How Much Solar Energy Will Be Required To Run Your Home

A solar audit involves going through your energy bills to understand how much energy you consume every month. With this information, a professional will be in a better place to advise on the proper solar system for your home.

For instance, if your home utilizes a lot of energy, you’ll need solar panels that generate a lot of energy. These solar panels may be more expensive than regular panels.

However, although the initial cost of solar panel installation can be quite expensive, running your home on solar balances this. Using solar energy means you slash your bills significantly in the long run. It, therefore, balances the expensive initial cost of installation.

2. To Check The State Of Your Roof

In most cases, solar panels are placed on the roof. However, this is done after ensuring that your roofing can support solar panels. When assessing your roof, solar audits will look into factors such as your roof’s material, shape, pitch, size, and dimensions. These factors will help determine the best solar system for your home.

For instance, the size of your roof will tell how many solar panels it can support. If your roof is extensive, it’ll accommodate more solar panels than a smaller roof. On the other hand, your roof’s pitch helps determine the best angle to place your panels, so they get enough sunlight to produce the needed energy.

Your roof’s material will also determine the amount of money you’ll use. If the material is slippery, you’ll spend more due to the unique mounting, which requires more labor-intensive work. Moreover, inclined and slip-prone roofing can be risky to work on. The more dangerous a job is, the more costly it is to install solar panels.

Lastly, through a solar audit, you may realize that your roofing isn’t in the best condition to support solar panels. In such a situation, you can look for other places where you can install your panels.

To Figure Out How To Install Solar System In Your Home

During solar system installation, the installers check a couple of things to decide the best installation system. One of the things assessed is electrical lines. Installers ensure that the electrical cables are sealed and that they’ll transmit energy properly. Apart from energy transmission, sealed electrical lines also promote the safety of people in your house by preventing electrical shocks.

Additionally, your home’s internet connection is checked to ensure that there’ll be a good connection between the company offering solar services and your home. A good connection is required to enable the company providing solar system services to monitor your home’s solar panels. Doing so helps ensure your home’s solar panels are functioning as expected.

To Have A Customized Solar System

How you consume power in your home is different from other people. Therefore, a solar system that may work for you may not be the best for another home. As mentioned, a solar audit helps get a solar system specifically designed for your home. A custom solar has various benefits, such as ensuring your panels receive as much sunlight as possible and promoting fire safety by leaving room for fire setbacks. Also, custom solar maintains your home’s aesthetics.

Before the actual solar system installation, you’ll receive a visual mock of the type of solar panels that’ll be used and where they’ll be mounted. Also, you’ll get a financial statement showing how much your home’s customized will cost. As a result, you’ll have a chance to look for the final amount so that by the time you start the installation, you’ll be financially ready.

Wrapping It Up!

Climate change has been proven to have extreme effects. For instance, it leads to the loss of species, increased drought, reduced food, and others. If not controlled, climate change can be the end of living things. One way of control is using solar energy instead of generating power by burning fossil fuels. If you decide to use solar energy, start with a solar audit to have an effective and beneficial solar system. If this is the first time hearing about solar audits, it’s your chance to educate yourself. You can use this article to understand why your home needs a solar audit.

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