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What Is a Solar Garden: The Ultimate DIY Energy Solution? 

What Is a Solar Garden The Ultimate DIY Energy Solution

We all know that with increasing climate changes, people are becoming more and more conscious about the environment.

The form of energy that we use forms an integral part of that. And that is why there has been a sharp rise in the use of solar energy over the years. However, there is a relatively new concept in the market that is garnering a lot of attention, and that is- Solar Gardens.

So, what exactly is it? If this is a question that you have on your mind, then you are at the right place. Today we are going to talk about solar gardens and everything else that you need to know about it.

What Are Solar Gardens?

What Are Solar Gardens

Solar Gardens are not that popular yet. They are mostly found in countries where the legislation provides a provision for community solar. You can also find solar gardens sparsely located across countries where private corporations or individuals have started independent community solar projects.

We all are aware of how individual solar rooftops work. Absorbing the energy from the sun, the solar energy is then converted into electricity distributed throughout the house. 

Similarly, solar gardens are just a plot lined up with solar panels. The electricity generated from these panels is connected to the utility grid, which then transfers the electricity to the energy mix and distributes it to the houses and businesses part of the program.

The facility also has a meter to measure the electricity distribution to ensure that each participant gets credit for being a part of the program.

How Can People Be a Part of a Solar Garden

In the earlier times when the concept was initially launched, people generally bought a part of the garden or several modules. They had to make an upfront payment, and then they could expect a return on the initial investment.

However, with time, this practice becomes obsolete for two reasons:

  • First, solar garden developers felt this process was limiting the expansion of solar energy. With an initial investment, many people would not be able to afford this option.
  • Secondly, without a high number of participants, the solar program was turning out to be a costly affair for the developers.

Nowadays, a subscription model is more prevalent when it comes to solar gardens. People subscribe to a portion of the garden which matches their electricity needs and pays monthly. The payment is based on the electricity use, and they often qualify for discounts to credits from the utility.

How Do Communities Form Solar Gardens?

How Do Communities Form Solar Gardens

Developing a solar garden from scratch is not an individual job. In fact, it takes a professional company to help with the process. There are many steps involved in building a community solar garden, and it is difficult for individuals to go through the process alone.

Here are a few reasons to show why you need a professional company to build a community solar garden:

  • There is a lot of legislation and regulations involved in the construction of solar gardens. Not every country currently has passed legislation providing a provision for the same. Having a professional on your side will help you go through this process seamlessly and understand the legal requirements of building a solar garden.
  • Building a solar garden is a huge project. This project requires a lot of investment and a huge plot ranging from 40 to 50 acres depending upon the electricity requirement. Raising a huge investment like that or securing a large plot without professional help is a challenging task. 
  • Building solar gardens to generate solar energy is not just about getting proper exposure to sun rays. The garden needs to have a way to transfer the generated energy into the existing electrical grid so that the houses and businesses subscribed to the program can use it. It requires professional expertise to find a way to incorporate the new energy source into the existing infrastructure. In fact, in some cases, it takes investments what Millions To link the two systems.

This was all about community solar gardens. But some people also have small solar gardens of their own. Here the solar panels planted in the garden are also used to supply electricity for gardening purposes which include running gardening equipment, fountains, and garden lights.

How to make solar garden lights brighter is a common question. So today, we will share 5 simple tricks to make your solar garden lights brighter:

  • Make sure the solar panel receives enough exposure during the day.
  • Keep the solar panel clean.
  • Higher quality solar lights are obviously brighter.
  • Replace the solar power batteries on time.
  • Nothing should block the light from reaching the panel.


So that was everything that you needed to know about solar gardens and how exactly they work. With the growing consciousness among people about the environment, clean energy sources like solar gardens will only grow in terms of popularity and usage.

It also provides a win-win deal for both the users as well as the planet. Using clean forms of energy like solar energy protects the environment. And solar energy being one of the cheapest forms of energy, goes easy on the user’s pocket.

We hope this article was helpful to you and all your doubts were cleared. If you have any more queries, please reach out to us in the comments section below.

Marigold Parker
With an M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy from the University of Edinburgh, Marigold Parker has enriched our content with her solar lighting expertise since 2020. Her professional journey includes over a decade of working with leading solar tech manufacturers, where she played a pivotal role in product development and research. Marigold's articles offer a blend of technical knowledge and practical advice, drawing from her experience. Besides her professional interests, she is an enthusiastic gardener, applying her knowledge of solar lighting to create environmentally friendly garden spaces.

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