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When To Move Chicks from Brooder to Chicken Coop

When To Move Chicks from Brooder to Chicken Coop

If you have this question in mind about when to stop that heat source and move the chicks from brooder to coop, then here is the complete information. Read this article till the end and every doubt of yours will be crystal clear. Let us start.

When you should move a chick from brooder to coop depends on a lot of factors that play an important role while taking this decision.

The main factor here is whether as in summers chicks need supplement heat for a shorter time due to warm weather. However, in winters chicks need supplement heat for a longer time to be alive and adapt to their surroundings.

You may also have seen that when the chicks come out of hatched eggs, mother hen provides them heat for a couple of days underneath her as they are incapable to live without appropriate heat in the beginning.

When the mother goes in search of food and comes back, they again go underneath her to regulate the heat factor of their body. This is because they do not have all the feathers developed on their body so that they can provide heat to their internal body parts and keep them warm as per the requirement.

Most chicks get their feathers in about 6-7 weeks so they will get normalized then. When you place the chicks in the coop, you may also notice that the coop has 2 doors.

What Is the Advantage of This Chicken Coop?

  • The most important advantage of the chicken coop is that it saves your chicks from bad weather by maintaining the proper weather conditions likely for the chickens.
  • It can also save your chickens from predators as well.
  • It can also help you to be in a calm state of mind ensuring you that everything is under your control and no harm to your chickens.
  • It can also save the eggs laid by the chickens and you can use them as per your need and extraction will be on you completely.
  • It can also help you to be creative if you use the old things and create small coops for your chickens with appropriate conditions.
  • It can also help you to maintain hygiene levels inside the coop at the same time for all the chickens that you put there else if you allow them to move freely then they may create a mess and fill any place with their droppings.
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