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Every home is different, which means that each property has unique needs when it comes to the shutters and roller blinds that they require.

Plantation shutters and blinds are one of the most important investments you can make for your home which looks more fascinating with diy tower garden.

As well as controlling the light levels in your space, plantation blinds can also affect the temperature of every room in your house. In the depth of summer, when the sun is constantly shining through the windows, every home in Australia can feel like the desert.

With quality DIY blinds and shutters, you can adjust the levels of light and shade, which in turn will cool down your living space to make it more comfortable for all the family to enjoy.

If you are looking to find quality yet affordable plantation shutters, then you need to search online.

Save Time and Money By Shopping Online

My Direct Blinds is an online retailer of window shutters and blinds. They have an extensive catalogue of window shutters, including a great range of plantation blinds and DIY shutters, that can suit every home in Australia.

As an online retailer, My Direct Blinds can offer high-quality rollers and blinds for around half the price that traditional brick and mortar stores can.

Browsing an online catalogue is a great way to not only save money on quality DIY blinds and rollers but also time. You can find the right DIY shutters for every window in your home without having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

My Direct Blinds can deliver to a range of locations around Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney, so you can get your DIY plantation blinds direct to your door.

Choosing custom shutters and blinds is typically an expensive feat, but with My Direct Blinds’ range of DIY shutters, these costs are halved.

The great range of style and durable plantation blinds are easy to install, which means they can be done so independently to save you on maintenance costs.

How To Customise Plantation Shutters?

The range of plantation blinds at My Direct Blinds can transform any home or living space with their style and quality.

These custom window shutters can be easily installed and come with a wide option of customisations to suit your home. Choose from quality PVC plantation blinds in a range of timber-style finishes, each offering style, and the traditional wood feel that will suit your wooden gate designs and any other setting.

My Direct Blinds can cater to windows of all shapes and sizes while offering free instant online quotes to all customers.

Simply enter the measurements of your windows into the website to receive your free instant quote and get recommendations on the best window shutters for you.

You can choose the style, shape, size, and even the tilting position of DIY plantation blinds online to find the best window accessories for your home.

Why Shop At My Direct Blinds?

My Direct Blinds is one of the best online retailers of shutter blinds in Australia.

They have an extensive catalogue of products that can be customised to suit any home, offering window shutters for a whole manner of shapes and sizes.

All plantation shutters are made using a durable, high-quality, and water-resistant PVC that has a timber feel so it will fit in naturally with the design of your home. These DIY plantation shutters are easily installed and highly affordable, which means they can suit any budget.

With direct delivery to all locations in Australia, as well as a five-year warranty for all window shutters My Direct Blinds is excellent for affordable window furnishings.

As this is an online retailer, they can provide the best discounts and deliver to all locations in the country for an affordable rate. They offer wholesale factory prices to every customer, ensuring that no matter what your budget is, you will be getting a good deal on window shutters.

The five-year warranty applies to all blinds and shutters available at My Direct Blinds.

This ensures that all purchases are risk-free, as you can return any product if it is not to your liking or expectations.

My Direct Blinds create stunning, high-quality blinds and shutters using quality raw materials.

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