will a rick of wood fit in a pickup

will a rick of wood fit in a pickup

As soon as the weather changes and we proceed towards the winter, our minds are rejuvenated by the thoughts of snowfall, pleasant weather, and enjoying warm gatherings around the fireplace. Suddenly, it strikes your mind which wood you used in the fireplace. Other things that also come to mind are rick vs cord of wood, which is a better option for the fireplace.

If you use a pickup truck, will the wood fit it or not? If all these questions are bothering you, then relax and go through the article below. It will solve all your queries, and you can enjoy your next winter season in the ambiance of a fire while spending quality time with your family.

What Does Rick of Wood Mean?

What Does Rick of Wood Mean?

A rick of wood is a term used to define wood with specific dimensions. It refers to the standard measurement of a log of wood with a height of 4 feet and a length of 8 feet. Unlike cordwood, the depth is not constant and may vary depending on various factors. For example, it can vary according to the region people live in. It is also sometimes called a face cord.

The volume of rickwood is less than that of cord. It is approximately half or one-third of the volume of the cord. It is important to know the exact dimensions to select the wood according to the specific purpose for which you want to use it. The main purpose for which we use this term is to decide the amount of wood to buy for the fireplaces and construction purposes.

Will a Rick of Wood Fit in a Pickup Truck?

Will a Rick of Wood Fit in a Pickup Truck?

While transporting the wood for your fireplace, a question that strikes the mind is, How will a rick of wood fit in a pickup truck? Well, it depends on the size of the pickup truck, especially the bed size. Another factor that plays a significant role is how you store wood in the truck.

If you tie and properly stack the piles of wood in the pickup tree, it would help you maximize the space, and you would be able to transport more wood at a single time. The weight of the wood also helps in deciding how much wood the truck would be able to transport in a single go.

Therefore, it is essential to select a truck accordingly. Always cross-check the truck dimensions before transporting your rick of wood. It would be best to go for a standard-size pickup truck or a long-bed pickup truck. Sometimes, the truck’s size may vary from the exact dimensions, so you should always measure the truck’s dimensions for your convenience.

What are the Dimensions of The Pickup Truck?

What are the Dimensions of The Pickup Truck?

A pickup truck is a special type of truck used to transport various materials from their origin to their destination. They are different from normal trucks and have less capacity than normal trucks, but they have advanced safety features that make them ideal for transportation purposes. They can be divided into various categories depending on various criteria. The pickup trucks are of the following types, depending on the bed size:

  • Small pickup trucks: The bed length of these trucks is approximately 5 to 6.5 feet. They can be used to carry less cargo and are an affordable option over other types of pickup trucks.
  • Standard-size pickup truck: The bed size of these trucks typically lies between 6.5 and 8 feet. These are the most versatile trucks and are used for a variety of purposes. They are also known as full-size pickup trucks.
  • Long-bed pickup trucks: These trucks have the largest length. Their length is more than 8 feet, and they are used for carrying large cargo. They are a good option if you plan to deliver things like pipes, wood, or heavy cargo.

Tips to Load the Rick of Wood in a Pickup Truck

Tips to Load the Rick of Wood in a Pickup Truck

  • Select the pickup truck according to its size and the cargo you have to transport. It will save you from additional expenses and unnecessary troubles in the long run. Avoid overhanging the wood in the truck.
  • Pile the wood neatly in the truck. Piling will help you maximize this space. You should store the wood as compactly as possible to make the most of the space available. But do not overload the truck while compactly arranging the wood.
  • Tie the wood into bundles with a rope. Securing the wood with a rope helps to prevent accidents. It also ensures that the wood is loaded and unloaded easily.
  • Cover the firewood while transporting. This will minimize the risk of accidents that occur due to heavy winds, as firewood has the potential to throw the debris out of the truck.
  • Maintain symmetry when you place the wood. If the wood is not properly stacked, then this can cause major or minor accidents, so make sure that whenever the wood is placed in the truck, the weight of the wood is distributed symmetrically.


It is not only important to choose the correct wood for your fireplace, but selecting a proper truck to transport the wood to your house is also an equally important step. For this, you should focus on things like the measurements of the truck and its compatibility with your wood. This will help you have a smooth delivery of your wood.

Pay attention to other details, like how much wood you need according to your fireplace. All these factors will help you spend your winter without worrying about wood supplies, so you can enjoy hosting gatherings with family and friends.

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