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11 Window Dressing Ideas For Your Living Room

Window Dressing

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home, it’s where we play games a with our family, watch television, relax after work and much more. Other than your bedroom, you likely spend more time in your living room than any other house.

Because the living room is where you’ll be spending the most time awake in, you should pay extra attention to the interior design of the room, so today, we’ll be discussing one of the most important parts of living room design, window dressings. We’ve spoken to the design team over at DotcomBlinds who are one of the UK’s favourite made to measure blinds retailers to get their input on what the best window dressing ideas for your living room.

Roman Blinds

Theta Latte Roman Blind

Image Source:

Starting off with Roman Blinds which are a timeless classic in the blinds world. Made up of a long piece of fabric that descends downwards with stylish pleats throughout the blind that make it look stylish with a layered look whether they’re open or closed.

Roman Blinds are a perfect window dressing for living rooms, Roman Blinds bring their colour, pattern and texture into play and can be used to create a really ‘homey’ environment in your living room, especially considering you can opt to have Roman Blinds with blackout fabric, which will create the perfect space for a movie night!


Centauri Sky Curtain

Image Source:

Curtains are another great window dressing for the living room and have long been one of the best ways for you to shade your home. Curtains are incredibly versatile, available in a myriad of different colours, patterns, and fabrics, meaning that no matter how your room is decorated, there will be a set of curtains perfect for your living room space.

Curtains excel in living room situations for many reasons, but for many curtains are the best choice for a living room as they’re so versatile and easy to install. While you wont have the same level of control over the lighting with curtains as you would blinds, they excel at creating a view, as they open outwards from the centre you can use them to ‘frame’ your view of the outdoors.

Day & Night Blinds

Burnham Ash Day & Night Blind

Image Source:

Day and Night Blinds are a relative newcomer to the world of window dressings, they’re made of a fabric with alternating strips of blackout material and see through fabric, looped around much like a cassette, this means that you can adjust the positioning of the layered stripes to either let light enter through the room or form a complete blackout. In addition to the cassette rotation, you can also move the blinds up and down for total lighting control. It gets more astonishing when you have something beautiful outside to look out for like hillside landscaping or a gorgeous enclosed patio.

The reason these blinds are a great fit for living rooms, is that due to their stripey fabric, they look incredibly stylish and can stand out as a prominent feature in your living room. Of course, they’re also very versatile and are great at controlling how much light you let into a room, but most of it’s fans are more adorned with their design.

Double Roller Blinds

Magnolia Double Roller Blind

Image Source;

Another newcomer to the window dressings world is the fabulous Double Roller Blind, which consists of 2 roller blinds withing a single bracket, with a blackout layer and a dimout layer. This means you essentially get two blinds in one, with the ability to use the dimout for privacy and letting light in, then the blackout blind for completely blocking off light from outside.

These make for an excellent window dressing living rooms as they give you the option of controlling how much light you want to let in and when build a gate, it all the while maintains your privacy in the living room. Meaning you can still let light in the room with the dimout layer, but still maintain your privacy indoors.

Real Wood Venetian Blinds

Urban Real Wood Venetian Blind with Portland Tapes

Image Source:

Here’s the first non-fabric window dressing of the list, the Real Wood Venetian Blind, constructed of layers of wooden slats, all connected together by string running up the length of the blind. These blinds will give you a lot of control of how much light enters your living room as you can rotate the slats as well as move the blinds up and down.

These blinds work really well in living rooms, especially if you’ve got lots of wood or earthy, neutral colours in your living room. Furthermore, with the option to get privacy tapes on the blind it’s great for maintaining privacy in your living room.

Electric Roller Blinds

Catania Graphite Electric Roller Blind

Image Source:

Electric Roller Blinds are much like traditional roller blinds, but rather than being controlled by a chain, they’re operated via a remote control (or in some cases can be operated with Alexa or other smart home devices). The blinds can either be operated by remote control or pre-programmed to change position at certain times of the day, so you can ensure you’re keeping the right amount of light out throughout the day.

These are popular blinds for living rooms for one big reason, as they can be programmed or controlled via remote, they’re great for room where the windows face your television. Not being able to see your TV because of interfering rays on sun light is a pain, but with a remote you can ensure your TV is untouched by sunlight all day without needing to leave the sofa.

Vertical Blinds

Palermo Cherry Vertical Blind

Image Source:

Most people when thinking about Vertical blinds will think they’re better suited to an office environment rather than a living room setting, but recently Vertical Blinds have gained traction with the world of home décor, becoming more of a mainstream fashionable blind.

These are perfect for living rooms with wide windows or patio doors, as they can be made at very wide sizes and as they open horizontally rather than vertically, they’re very easy to open to walk through a patio door and on wide windows they have unparalleled control over how much light enters a room.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Udine Light Grey Blackout Roller Blind

Image Source:

These Roller Blinds are very similar to the Electric Blinds that we mentioned earlier, but rather than being controlled via remote, they’re operated by hand using a chain or a crank. Also, for a standard roller blind in a living room, you’ll likely want a blackout fabric as it blocks off more light.

They make good window dressings for a living room setting, mostly due to their simplicity, they aren’t as eye catching as some other options, but they’re very functional and can be made in a wide range of colours and patterns to add some extra flair to your living room.

Pleated Blinds

Charcoal BiFold Door Blind

Image Source:

Pleated blinds are a unique type of window dressing, rather than being attached to your wall outside the window, these blinds are actually fitted on the window themselves with tabs that slide under the rubber gaskets on the window.

These blinds are mostly used in conservatories or in bi-fold doors, fitting into the window panel. So if you have a conservatory extension or a bi-folding door in your living room, these blinds will be perfect for you! Unfortunately, if you don’t have a conservatory, bi-fold doors or something similar in your living room, these probably aren’t the blinds for you.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Alabaster Smooth Faux Wood with Cream Tapes

Image Source:

Faux Wood Venetians are very much like the Real Wood Venetian Blinds we mentioned earlier, but rather than the slats being made of wood, they’re made out of high quality, lightweight plastic with a wood-style finish on them. Which makes them more affordable and lighter than real wood blinds.

Again, if you have a lot of wood or natural colours in your living room, these are a perfect window dressing for your living room. In terms of practical use, they act exactly like the real wood venetians, but are simple a more budget friendly option.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Walnut Venetian Blind

Image Source:

If you like the look of Wooden Venetian Blinds, but want something a bit more modern, then Aluminium Venetian Blinds will be perfect for your living room. They act the same was as any other venetian blinds, with slats that can be rotated or pulled up.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are perfect for modern living rooms with a lot of metal in their design. As the slats are made of metal rather than plastic or wood, they’re very lightweight and can be bought in a wide variety of different colours.

In Conclusion

There are many different types of window dressings you can have in your living room, but you must consider how you want to shade the room as well as the other design elements in a room to find the perfect window dressing for your living room. But really with the amount of options available to you in terms of styles and colours, you can’t really go wrong!

Samantha White
Holding an MA in Fine Arts from Yale University, Samantha White has been an expert in creative crafts and room design for over 15 years. She has worked as an interior designer, where she honed her skills in creating functional and aesthetic spaces. She became a part of our community in 2020, offering insights into efficient craft room setups and innovative DIY techniques. Her background includes leading community art projects and teaching art classes. Samantha is also an avid gardener, often drawing inspiration from nature for her craft designs.

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