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What Do You Wrap Christmas Decorations In?


Winter is coming, and so is the holiday season! The familiar excitement of adorning our homes with Christmas decorations fills the air as the holiday season approaches. Yet, once the festivities fade, the challenge of carefully storing these cherished ornaments and trimmings arises.

It is a difficult task to wrap and store Christmas decorations properly for the next year’s usage. However, with inflation and market rates being so high, we understand how expensive it can be to purchase new decor every year. Additionally, these decoration pieces also hold irreplaceable emotions and memories.

This is why we are here to help you preserve and protect your Christmas decorations. The article will provide you with various wrapping and storage solutions for your beautiful decoration items. So let us ring in the holiday season to reuse, reduce, and recycle!

The Basics of Christmas Decoration Wrapping

The Basics of Christmas Decoration Wrapping

When it comes to preserving the magic of your Christmas decorations, the foundation lies in mastering the art of proper wrapping and storage. This essential step ensures that your ornaments, lights, and festive adornments remain in good condition, ready to grace your home year after year. The first aspect of effective decoration wrapping is choosing the right materials.

You should opt for soft and non-abrasive materials like tissue paper, bubble wrap, or packing paper. These options provide a gentle cushion for your ornaments and prevent scratches or damage. However, before you begin wrapping, we strongly recommend collecting all your decorations in one place to save time and effort.

We suggest grouping similar items and color-coding their wrapping paper or storage box. Alternatively, you can also attach labels or store the items in a clear bag. This will help you locate decoration items with ease as the time to decorate comes again.

How to Wrap Fragile Ornaments?

How to Wrap Fragile Ornaments?

During the holiday season, delicate ornaments like glass baubles, ceramic figures, and precious heirlooms take center stage in our festive display. However, wrapping and storing them carefully for the next year is a big challenge. Here are some material-specific safety tips for your Christmas decorations:

1. Glass Baubles

Christmas glass ornaments add sparkle and shine to our festive moments but are highly susceptible to breakage. We suggest wrapping each glass bauble individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Later, store them in a spacious cabinet as they are highly fragile, and contact with any other item may lead to chipping or shattering.

2. Ceramic and Porcelain Decorations

Due to their intricate designs, ceramic and porcelain decorations require careful handling. You should wrap them in a soft cotton or satin cloth to avoid surface scratches. After wrapping, store them in sturdy padded boxes and add extra cushioning to prevent damage or breakage.

3. Heirloom Ornaments

Heirloom ornaments hold special sentimental value that can’t be replaced or measured. Thus, they deserve special attention and care during the wrapping and storage process. You should wrap the heirloom in tissue paper, followed by a layer of bubble wrap. Store them in a cool and dry place to avoid any damage over time.

How to Wrap Larger Decorations?

How to Wrap Larger Decorations?

Wrapping and storage of large decorations can be a tough nut to crack. Here are some practical strategies to protect and store your artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and other larger Christmas decorations:

  1. To preserve the life of your artificial Christmas tree, disassemble it carefully. Store each section in its designated box as provided by the seller to prevent dust accumulation and maintain its shape. Consider investing in a Christmas tree storage bag for easy storage.
  2. It is important to store wreaths and garlands in such a way that it doesn’t ruin their shape. You can store them in a wreath container or hang them on sturdy hooks after covering them in a protective film.
  3. For large outdoor Christmas decorations, such as inflatables and innovative light displays that transform your yard, start by disassembling them carefully. This ensures your unique Christmas yard decor remains in perfect condition for years. Later, store them in weatherproof and air-tight containers. Ensure that all the electrical components are dry and secure.

Creative and Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas

Creative and Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas

Are you curious to know how you can wrap and store your Christmas decor without harming the environment? Look no further! Refer to these innovative and environment-friendly suggestions:

  1. Use old newspapers or scrap paper to wrap your decorations. You can turn everyday items into unique wrapping solutions to reduce waste and add a personal touch to your storage.
  2. You can also use recycled cardboard boxes, reusable cloth bags, or beeswax wraps to keep your decorations safe and scratch-proof.
  3. Store the smaller decorations in a neat and clean mason jar. You can also repurpose cardboard egg cartons to store small and fragile ornaments.
  4. Personalize your wrapping and storage space with hand-painted boxes, custom labels, or decorative ribbons and notes to make your next unwrapping experience special.


As we conclude this journey of preserving Christmas decorations, we are ready to embark on a season of celebration and joy! The joy of unwrapping cherished ornaments and lights will amplify the magic of the holiday season. Each decoration, lovingly wrapped, will unlock your happy memories from the past.

You will not only be wrapping and storing some Christmas decorations, but you will also be preparing a bundle of laughter, traditions, and love. Additionally, by adopting eco-friendly wrapping methods and reusing the decorations, you contribute to a sustainable future and treasured holiday traditions for the generations to follow!

Samantha White
Holding an MA in Fine Arts from Yale University, Samantha White has been an expert in creative crafts and room design for over 15 years. She has worked as an interior designer, where she honed her skills in creating functional and aesthetic spaces. She became a part of our community in 2020, offering insights into efficient craft room setups and innovative DIY techniques. Her background includes leading community art projects and teaching art classes. Samantha is also an avid gardener, often drawing inspiration from nature for her craft designs.

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