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15 Picket Fence Gate Ideas You Must Try in 2021

Picket Fence Gate Ideas

The fence is a structure used to enclose a garden or house. It is made up of various materials. Do you also want to build a beautiful fence without obstructing the view? So, you are at the right place.

In this article, we have made out a list of some picket fence gate ideas, that anyone can do in their way beautifully without Putting much effort.

Let us have a look at some of the fifteen fence gate ideas.

1. Simple Chain Link Fence

Simple Chain Link Fence

If you are a very minimalistic person and love simple, basic, reasonable things then you can opt for a simple chain link fence. These types of fences are high enough, so they keep many types of animals with zero sunlight and good view blockage.

2. Back to the Basic Type of Fence

Back to the Basic Type of Fence

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like many designs or a lot of stuff for your fence then this one is surely for you because this type of fence is a very basic structure made up of slats with wires. This fence is the best in its business and is very effective but according to your personal preferences, you can put a coat of stain on it for a good look.

3. Groundwork Laying

Groundwork Laying

This one is a good idea to build because for this you just need to dig out a footprint that is shallow to set up the garden. Then start outlining the square posts using perimeter measurements. This helps the fence to fix the vertical posts and also to create a base for itself. Lastly, just wrap around a wire and now you are all set.

4. Historic Split Rail Fence

Historic Split Rail Fence

If you love historic things, then this one is surely for you. Because split rail fence is a historic style fence that looks very natural and vintage. Instead of using clean-cut boards, you need to use timber so that it becomes easy for you to create stacked-type fencing. This fence will help you to keep medium-sized animals stay away with a good view.

5. Old Style Fence

Old Style Fence

This is a very basic vintage-style fence. But if you want to build a new one, you can do it with the same amount. Just do it the way as instructed by following all the tips and tricks. Also, add the wire so that pesky critters do not enter.

6. Pretty Pallet

Pretty Pallet

Pallets have always been all-rounders because they can be used for everything and anything. This is a fence that is built low to take care of vegetable patches. It is also reusable and very easy to use anywhere.

7. Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

This is the very basic type of fence, with solid stained black color and a wide board that makes it look more beautiful. If you observe it there is an addition of chicken wire. This is the best type of fence if you wish for a very basic but stylish fence.

8. Door Number One

This is a great fence as is very attractive and outlines the great perimeter of your garden. It also offers a swinging gate that is easily accessible. But if you do not wish to have a swinging gate, you can just use a garden door.

9. Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence

It doesn’t matter where you are located or where your garden and home are because the wrought iron fence is the one that suits everything. It is very beautiful on its own. You can decorate this gate at your convenience or keep it simple. But whatever you choose to do, will look superb.

10. Colourful Touch

Colourful Touch

This is a very simple and easy fence constructed using lumber. But the most beautiful thing about this fence is that it is very colorful and looks amazing. Paint it as you like it and have fun.

11. Woven Wonder

Woven Wonder

This is made up of branches that are usually long and thin. But the not only branch is enough, but the thing is that they should be fresh and new. You can even use these brancheWhite Picket Fencetricks to make it your way as you like the fence to be. It would be an awesome experience, give it a shot.

13. A Quilted Contender

A Quilted Contender

This fence is just like a quilted stitching pattern. Though a large capacity, it doesn’t degrade the inside and outside view. The best tool for a fence is the chicken wire, to make the garden fence functional. Give it a try.

14. White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence

If you are a creative person and love decorating fences in your way, then this option is great for you for sure. This is a very beautiful type of fence with a touch of elegance. Decorate it and make it look extremely beautiful using natural or artificial materials. The best thing is that they need low maintenance costs.

15. A Sanctuary of Sorts

A Sanctuary of Sorts

This is a massive fence but also requires extra care. They are stained with golden cedar colors and wood planks are used for the perimeter. A huge entrance is built just to welcome everyone. And to keep the critters out a thick wire is used which does not degrade the view.


A fence has always been the most popular idea all over the world. They add extraordinary beauty to your garden or field. Building a DIY fence gate has always been a dream for most of us.

We hope that after reading this article you have got inspired and you are now ready to build one for your home or garden.

All the best for the one you are building. Make your dream come true and may you get the best out of it.

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