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Top 12 Gate Ideas for Your Electric Fences

A steel tube gate for an electric fence

An electric fence gate provides relaxation from the current and allows a safe entrance or exit from the plot. Though electric current passes on closing the gate, insulated gate handles permit you to touch them without receiving a shock. A gate anchor, attached to the gate post and connected to the fence, provides current for the gate to be live on the handle attachment.

For more safety, install the gate with the same wire as that of the fence as animals would associate it as a fencing continuation. You can install a bungee cord gate, an elasticated version of the electric fence rope, or go for the traditional spring wire gate for your fence gate ideas. However, if your fence has two or three lines, you will need to construct a gate for each line. As a general consideration, keep the gate height and animal chest height equal.

1. Wired Gate for Minimalism

For a simple, minimalist, easy installation fence gate idea, install gate anchors on the nearest posts and run a wire between them. Slide in an insulated gate handle from the top. This process is also very inexpensive, with a whole kit bought at about $10 at local hardware stores. However, the specifications of the kits change as per the wires and posts. Hence, do read all the specifications before purchasing one.

2. Drive-Through Gate for Functionality

To increase accessibility and make the gate more functional, you can choose an idea similar to the drive-through gate. Such gates have two horizontal poles that swing in 180 degrees, in both directions, inwards and outwards, depending upon the route in which a person or vehicle moves. Insulated handles on these gates allow pedestrians to push in or pull out the gate safely without the risk of shock.

However, this fence gate needs good quality insulators that are quick to move, simple, and economical. A T-post insulator can be a perfect choice for such types of electric fence gates. These gate posts allow the user to change the direction, thus saving time and money while being flexible, trustworthy, and two-purposed.

3. Spring Electric Fence Gate

Spring Electric Fence Gate

Metal galvanized; white powder-coated spring gates increase visibility to humans. This gate has an insulated gate handle with large protective shields and can cover gateways up to 16 1/2′ without stretching to their maximum limit. This gate backs down at a hanging position and minimalizes. Prefabricated spring gates ease the convenience of installation and, a typical gate kit includes an insulated gate handle, galvanized white spring, gate anchor insulators, anchor plates, and joint clamps.

You can use them for fence tension with an in-line fence wire strainer to absorb the expansion and the resulting stresses in an electric fence. This idea works great for a high tensile fence system with crafting of stainless or galvanized spring steel. You can modify a spring gate fence for its compression and expansion length, power, and many more.

4. Tape Gate for Horse Fences

If you have an electric horse fence, a tape gate will be a good idea. Tape gates are available in three-four strands and thus, offer protection. They are fast and economical to install and attach to the posts with mounting hardware. Moreover, they have flexible tape that modifies to fit into various gate widths. A compact and easy idea, an energy hook supplies power to the gate on closure and disconnects power when opened. Though it is easy to repair, a single strand is not replaceable.

You can use double insulated underground cables for live and earth wires and run them inside poly pipes. These cables should be at least 300mm below the ground. A functional idea here would be to bend the poly pipe over, facing the ground to not fill with rainwater. You can also use a cutout switch in the live wire so that identifying faults becomes easier.

5. Construct A Flood Gate

You can use an energy plug limiter to limit supply to a floodgate. These plugs help avoid short circuits due to the contact of high voltage and water. To install a floodgate, push in two posts elevated from the top-most flood line on both sides of the stream. Stretch a galvanized chain between the posts and add insulators on both sides.

Keeping a gap of 200mm above the water level during summer, hang some chains vertically at regular intervals of 300mm. Now, connect an energy limiter and a cutout switch at possible spots of water retention.

6. Bungee Gates for Permanent Fencing

Bungee Gates for Permanent Fencing

Bungee gates are suitable for prefabricated gates, where the stainless-steel chain stretches the cord to about twice its length. The wire made up of a good quality UV resistant rubber withstands a considerable tensional force and still secures a sturdy end connection, making it appropriate for animal fence gates. Additionally, a three-way gate anchor allows for a secure gate connection with contrasting handles.

7. Add A Livestock Gate

Stretch a flexible rope across the gate to stop livestock from a rampage or use it for scratching and thus bending the post. A string ensures that the gate remains protected from all sides and, hence, the animals won’t have a chance to break it. However, make sure that the electric fence does not come in contact with this type of gate, or you will be in for a nasty shock. This type of gate is even suitable for horse rearing. For this gate idea, we require two gate anchors, gate handles, and about four joiners.

8. You Can Run Current Under the Gate

The gate for this idea remains devoid of electricity. Hence, it offers no obstruction to the opening, closing, and handling of the door. However, one can run a lead-out cable of 10m, 25m, 50m, or 100m length, depending on the size of the door, from under the gate. Hence, the fence power does not disrupt when people open the door or forget to close it. You can use a plastic pipe runner to avoid breakage of the cable if livestock bangs on the gate. Additionally, some hard standing will also provide protection. You will require about four joiners per strand for this gate.

9. Use A Three-Way Anchor

If you have areas for strip grazing or divided farms, a three-way gate anchor would be suitable to allow two or three gates from the same post. Allowing additional connections, a galvanized mild steel plate, durable enough to last a lifetime, provides power to the bolt from under the plate.

10. Add A Netting Gate

Add a Netting Gate

Most suitable for small poultry farms, a netting gate is the easiest solution for an electric fence. Also known as the ‘hot-line gate, it can cover distances of up to 20 feet. Stainless steel clips not only add electricity to the fencing but secure the gate from both ends. These gates are suitable attachments to sheep, goat, and poultry fences. However, if corners do not allow gate installation, you will need a powerline to carry power to the fencing from within the center.

11. Use Retractable Gate

These gates are appropriate for horses and cows and automatically roll and unroll over walkways up to 15m. They offer easy installation and handling and require a multidirectional mounting bracket. Unroll and hook the gate handle to the gate anchor and, voila! It’s complete.

12. Combine the Strands

Especially for horses and large cattle, an economical idea would be to combine the strands and create a multi-strand for about 6m. multi-strands allow single-hand handling with no loose strands fallen on the ground. Thus, it minimizes mess.

How To Place the Gate?

Install the gates near corners and not on linear stretches to help animals accustomed to their behavior in response to the electric fence. Corner gates help in breaking up the massing. Moreover, keep your gate plain and sturdy. If you have interior partitions that divide your farmland into smaller sections, prefer multiple, minimalist gateways. Plus, for a fence to electrify even when using the gate, run an insulated wire underground. These wires allow current transmission even as the gate opens.

Gate Handles

Available in various sizes, shapes, and connections to suit your tape, wire, or bungee rope, they allow a broad palette for colors, from black to hues, in the market. Some handles come with a spring that increases door functionality, while some come pre-customized in gate kits to make a complete set. For more ideas on the electric fence gates, stay tuned to the blog below.

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