4 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

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Improving your home can sound like an intimidating project that requires professionals and a lot of money, but you can break it down into smaller, more manageable projects! Some you can even do yourself without any help from professionals. Read on to see some DIY (Do It Yourself) project ideas you can use today to improve your home!

1. Flooring Replacement

Upgrading your home to a hardwood floor is easy to do yourself! First, you will need some sheets of wood, an epoxy, and a good table saw to customize the wood shape. Consult a reliable table saw review, so you have the best tool available to you.

Clear the room of the previous flooring and use your table saw to cut the wood sheet to your floor’s size and shape. Then cut the sheet into 3 or 4-inch sections. Make sure that the width of each plank is equal!

Lay down the now cut planks of wood along their long edges, leaving no space between them, and top with a wood epoxy to seal your lovely hardwood floor and ensure that it will not move. You can also secure the floor using nails/screws along the short ends of the planks.

2. Faux Shiplap Backsplash

“Backsplash” refers to the kitchen wall space below your cabinets and above your counters and appliances. Renovating this can change the ambiance of your kitchen dramatically.

A popular style of backsplash is the shiplap, created by stacking wood sections until the space is full.

To do this yourself, get a sheet of wood or some planks. Use your table saw and cut your wood sections into lengths of 2 to 3 inches and the appropriate length for your backsplash height. Be sure that the thickness of these wood sections is not more than about 2 cm to prevent the shiplap from being overly bulky.

3. Painting Your Interior


When painting cabinets, you can choose solid colors that match the color scheme of your home or go for more detailed and artistic designs. A huge benefit here is the opportunity for creativity and customization.

But be sure that you use the correct type of paint for your surface! There are differences between oil-based and water-based paint. Using the wrong type will cause the color to flake off of the surface once dry.


Re-painting your walls is another great and easy way to make your home feel new and clean! You can do it yourself with the right paint and a roller paintbrush. Choosing colors can be tricky though, here are some tips for making the best paint color choice:

  • Avoid dark colors — it makes the room seem smaller.
  • Avoid white — authentic white will reflect more light and result in migraines.
  • Use a cream color instead of white — it will create an illusion of a white room without the photopic intensity and migraine risk.

4. Installing Shelving Units

Organizing your home will renew the comfort and the ambiance of your home! Collect all the items you have lying around your home and on tables and stands.

Now install a few shelving units or plant shelves to add greenery on the walls or resting on the floor. With added shelving space in your home, it will be easy to put all of your decorative and essential items on these shelves and open up your living space.

This instant organizing trick will make your home look cleaner in a snap!

Final Thoughts

These are some easy home improvement projects you can do on your own. Using some of these, you can have your home looking clean, organized, and revamped in no time. Easy things like repainting cabinets, walls, organizing, and redoing your floors will completely change the way you see your home! Get all the right supplies, and you will have no problem with these DIYs. If you wish to beyond DIY then turning your porch into an enclosed patio is a  good idea.

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