5 Benefits to Your Home with a Ceiling Fan


Have you always used air conditioning units or a full home air conditioning system? If you’ve never lived somewhere with ceiling fans, and you’d like to consider giving this alternative a try, you’re in good company. Many people enjoy the comfort and convenience of having ceiling fans in their homes. There are several benefits that come along with using them. Find out more about how they can improve your living space.

1. Remember the Ceiling Fan’s Strengths

When you use a ceiling fan, you’re not able to cool your entire house or even the room it’s in. The only thing that your ceiling fan does is it moves air around. This circulated air allows you to feel as if there’s a breeze in the room, effectively making it feel as though it’s cooler. Even though a fan alone can’t cool off your living space, it can help by evenly distributing air that’s produced by your cooling system. This is especially a benefit if you have a home that’s on the larger side.

You’ll have to remember that heat rises, so if you’re about to move into a two-level house, you’d do well to have ceiling fans on both levels. It circulates this hot air and pushes cooler air back down, cooling down the rooms quicker. A few modern ceiling fans fixtures are great for those days with moderately hot temperatures, but they also can help on the extremely hot days.

2. Saving Money with Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans allow you to turn off your air conditioning unit or system sooner. This means that you should have a reduction in your monthly electric bills. You might turn on your air conditioner right before the hottest part of the day, leave it on only for a short while with your ceiling fan, then shut off the air conditioner. You might opt to leave the fan on until the evening so that it circulates this air that’s been generated by the air conditioning unit. Since air conditioners can be more costly to operate in general, this is a brilliant move to help you keep more money in your wallet.

3. Improvement in Efficiency

Ceiling fans may also use electricity, but you should know that they are far more energy efficient than air conditioners or snow blowers. In fact, an article that was run in the New York Times states that a typical 3-ton air conditioner costs about $0.36 for every hour it’s operating compared to a ceiling fan that can run on medium speed for 3 hours and still cost much less. Of course, this differs depending on the current rates and a few other factors. On that note, you’ll need to turn off fans when no one will be in the room, since it only works to cool off individuals, not the rooms themselves.

4. Reverse the Action

Did you know that you can flip a switch in the center of most ceiling fans? Many people don’t realize you can do this, but it’s true. When you do this, you reverse the direction in which the fan blades move. This pulls the hot air down instead of pushing the cooler air down. When it’s a cold day, you can supplement your heating system with the use of your ceiling fan. You can set the temperature on your thermostat lower and turn off any heating units sooner when you also use your ceiling fan for this purpose.

5. Convection and Evaporation

Convection means that the air around your body is cooler than your body temperature. Your body cools down as the heat is passed into the air surrounding you. When the surrounding air is too warm to continue to cool you off, it’s necessary to use something artificial as a means to do this. The ceiling fan moves this air away from your skin and replaces it with new air, which is sure to make you feel cooler.

The act of sweating is similar in a way to how it works when you use a fan. Heat is required to evaporate sweat from your skin, but it also pulls heat from your body, effectively cooling you down. The moving air from a fan increases your rate of evaporation, so your sweat evaporates faster, and you’ll feel cooler. You may not have a lower temperature across your house from your ceiling fan, but it does help you maintain that cool and comfortable feeling throughout the day.

Whether you want modern ceiling fans or something that’s more classic or rustic in style, you are sure to experience some advantages. Be sure to get a few ceiling fans to use around your home and keep you feeling your best with terrariums. Do your research and see what would be ideal for each of the spaces where you intend to use them.

Sandy Jensen
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